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Energy DrinkHow often do you feel the need to wake yourself up while you are studying for an exam the next day, or energize yourself right before your basketball or football match, or sometimes even feel the need to get pepped up before a rock concert? An energy drink is the simple solution to help to overcome these situations and here is a list of some famous energy drinks consumed across the globe:

Energy Drink -1: Monster
This is one of the most popular energy drinks sold most commonly in Kansas City, and also in other parts of the country. The caffeine content of Monster energy drinks is 10 mg/oz., or 160 mg for a 16 oz can. Apart from the gas stations, this drink is easily available at Wal-Marts and other leading retail stores. Other than Khaos, which is an orange flavor drink and Assault, a cherry flavor drink, the brand has launched its new X-Presso (espresso) series, Import series, and Nitrous (nitrogenated + carbonated water) series.

Energy Drink -2: Rockstar
This wonderful and sugary drink is also popularly found at gas stations and retail stores across the U.S. The caffeine content of Rockstar is 250mg/12oz. Some people refer to Rockstar as ‘carbonated cotton candy” because of its sugary flavor. However, for those who told like soda, the lemonade flavor- a non-carbonated drink is also available.

Best Energy Drink -3: Venom
Venom was initially introduced in 2002 but was re-launched with a new packing and a better flavor in 2008. This energy drink contains 162mg caffeine per bottle and gives a pretty good kick when consumed chilled. All the flavors are equally good.

Best Energy Drink -4: Bawls Guarana
Bawls is that energy drink that does not make you feel nauseous or jittery instead it gives you the right amount of energy required. As compared to other drinks the caffeine content is only 100mg/16oz and Guarana is the main ingredient of Bawls.

Best Energy Drink -5:  GURU
GURU is a famous drink from New York, that has 6 different types, viz., GURU Energy, GURU Lite, GURU Juicy Tangerine, GURU Iced Tea, GURU Juicy Superfruit and GURU Full On Lemonade. The caffeine content in this non-carbonated, sugar-free drink is 125mg/8.3 ounce. GURU tastes more organic than any other drink.

Best Energy Drink -6: Xyience Xenergy
This sugar-free, low calorie drink has six different flavors, i.e, Cran Razz, Big Apple, Citrus Clear, Blu Pom, Mango Guava and Pink Lemon. The caffeine content is 200mg/16oz and it is powered by B-Vitamins.

Best Energy Drink -7: Verve Energy Drink
Verve is created in Arizona, United States and has a caffeine content of 80mg/8oz. It has a good amount of energy for a dietary supplement drink and is available in different flavors like citrus, tangerine and mangosteen. Someone who is fond of tea will love Verve because of its slight bitter flavor of tea.

Best Energy Drink -8: Diabolo Loco Energy Drink
This brand new drink produced in the markets of Los Angeles has a rich flavor of menthe and contains taurine, b-vitamins, caffeine, niacin as its major ingredients. The caffeine content is 160mg/16oz. It is one of the cheapest and most refreshing energy drinks.

Best Energy Drink -9: Hype Energy Drink
this drink is available in four different varieties, i.e.,  Original, MFP , Enlite, and Organic. The caffeine content is 80mg/8.4oz. A  stronger version of the same drink called Hype X2 is also available that has 160mg of caffeine per 16 oz.

Best Energy Drink : 10- 5-hour Energy
It is a fruit flavored energy drink made in Farmington Hills,Michigan. It has sparked a wave of ‘energy shot’ ever since 2004 and its caffeine content is 100mg. As it is sugar-free, it is preferred by a larger section of people.



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