Eight grooming tips for guys

If you are a man and you need to go on a first date with someone, you need to keep in mind a certain set of things. Let’s change the situation now. Say you have a business meeting or just a dinner with an old friend. It is imperative to be aware of how exactly you want to carry yourself. The biggest misconception that every guy has is that only girls need all the pruning and grooming. Here are eight grooming tips that every guy must know!

1. Stick to basics

Concentrate on what your body type is. If you have worked hard to maintain your body, you are already halfway through! Otherwise too, make sure you wear clothes that suit your body type. Do not wear tight t-shirts with loose jeans or vice-versa. Make sure the way your clothes are reflect your body type.

2. Shave closely

A close shave is a must for every occasion! It makes a man look manly and clean too. Having a beard or stubble is not proof of your manliness. It’s all about how you carry off even a clean-shaven face! If you are sporting a French beard or stubble, please ensure that your chin area otherwise is clean. Any hair unevenly sticking out is easily noticeable.

3. Moisturize

Dry skin or chapped lips are a big no-no. It is not true that girls need moisturizer or lip balm! There is nothing wrong in keeping a small moisturizer or lip balm with you at all times. Especially in the winter, skin starts looking itchy and dry. Also, you don’t want to put too much lip balm and make it look like you’ve put lip gloss instead!

4. Smell good

Get into the shower and stay clean and smell good! Even without any cologne, it is possible to smell really good. Make sure you are using good body wash and face wash. Give yourself a fresh look. For any occasion that you are going for, a good shower is a must!

5. Keep those hands clean

Every woman notices a man’s hands. Make sure your nails are chipped and clean. Even for business meetings, a handshake is an obvious formality. Keep hand sanitizer with you and wash your hands frequently. After every meal, make sure your hand doesn’t smell of the food you have just eaten! That’s a big turn off too!

6. Style your hair

“Styling” in this sense does not mean applying a lot of hair gel! It just means looking the way you have dressed. If you are going for a party, it would be lame to go with a side partition! Similarly, going with spiked hair for a business meeting is wrong. Choose the occasion – the type of dressing and then your hairstyle.

7. Dental care

Make sure you have brushed your teeth well before going anywhere. You don’t want bits of food stuck to your teeth or even unwanted odour! Use toothpaste with a natural base and use mouth freshener if needed.

8. Right footwear

There’s footwear for every occasion. Wear shoes that are suitable for the occasion. If you are wearing slippers, make sure your feet are clean and your toe nails are chipped. Nothing wrong can go if you stick to the right look!




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