Effective creativity management

In the corporate or business world characterised by extreme tough competition, intelligent use of distinctive innovations and creativity plays an inherent role in enhancing company’s efficiency and adding up to its intellectual capital which in turn will contribute towards company’s all-round growth and development. Willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly, we all have become a part of this rat race where nothing except ‘out of the box’ things are valued and in order to keep running fast in this race, there is a direst need of fostering innovative and highly creative ideas. But if you want to win this rat race, you must know how to strategically and effectively manage the ingenuity of creative people in a way that it benefits your company in an immensely positive way.

At first sight, the very concept of associating creativity with management just doesn’t seem to go together. Management and creativity for many people are like two poles apart. Generally, people think that innovation and creativity is something that can’t be engendered within a limited period of time and in a particular way. People feel that it is something which shouldn’t be controlled by any rules or boundaries. But in a corporate world, with the aim of touching the heights of success, it is of prime importance that creativity and management go hand in hand else the company might land up into trashes.

Effective creativity management is very essential to any company wishing to sustain in the corporate world. And to achieve this, we need a highly proficient & competent manager who can manage his team commendably while encouraging creativity in them collectively.  Effective creativity management should be practiced by the manager in a way that helps in nurturing creativity in a team at individual, group as well as organisational level which is very important in any firm or organisation. He should be able to craft a work environment in a way that it boosts up creativity in the team and helps them see a clear direction to work in. This will indirectly enhance employ involvement and contribution at individual basis, economic performance and organisational growth & productivity.

As a good creativity manager you would always go for the best and the most creative people while building a team so as to get the best out of each one of them to get mind-boggling outcomes. But the creativity just doesn’t mean developing inimitable ideas. The manager needs to make sure that they think creativeand out of the box but simultaneously also take care of the budgets, time constraints and the satisfaction of the end users.

Creative freedom when encouraged without management might result in something the audience just doesn’t understand or you might fail to introduce the idea to your audience at the right time because you let the creativity flow in any direction and to any extent of time; which is highly undesirable and unacceptable in this business world.

It has been discovered that creative people love to be challenged. Challenging them and creating certain limitations around them results in better outcomes which appeal to the general audience and also takes care of the company needs and requirements.

  • So as an efficient creativity manager you must make sure that:
  • You permit creative liberty while keeping tabs on deadlines
  • You know how to make your team work innovatively in a way that they learn how to stick to the company budget.
  • You have the ability to develop skills in people while letting them being prolific
  • You trigger artistic thinking in others
  • You shave the capability to streamline their thoughts according to your needs

You know the strategies to manage their creative temperament and also teach them how to blend management and creativity together in order to achieve well-defined, structured outcomes



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