Eco-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom, a room where you begin your day should be a clean and green place. It is important to keep your bathroom hygienic and free from dirt. Green bathroom is a best way to start a healthy lifestyle. A little change can bring a huge difference and save our mother nature.


 Following are some simple ideas to transform your bathroom into a green bathroom:

Water conservation:

As water is one of the most essential factors for living, it is important to conserve it efficiently. Conservation of water is an effective and easiest way to change your bathroom into an eco-friendly one. Close the taps to stop unnecessary flow of water while brushing your teeth, this simple step can save upto 220 to 240 gallons of water in a month. Install the faucets and the shower that has a low-flow head as they will preserve the water. Using low- flow shower or a navy shower is the best way to save water while bathing. It conserves upto 50% of water. Avoid flushing excess water. As an alternative you can use toilet paper and cut-down the usage of water.

Ventilation for your bathroom:


Bathroom is usually soggy and wet, therefore it tends to produce foul odour. For this reason ventilation is very important for your bathroom. It is necessary to clear off all the stinky smells and to let in fresh air. If it is possible, keep the windows open or else install an exhaust fan that will let out all the foul smell. Ventilation is also necessary since there is excess humidity inside the bathroom and due to the sogginess there is a possibility of mould growth inside.

 Retrofit the toilet:

Bacteria and germs can be present in the lavatory if it not cleaned properly. It is very essential to clean your toilet regularly for an eco-friendly living. Always close the lid before flushing. You can retrofit your commode by installing a controllable flush handle. A low-flow or a dual- flush toilet is the best eco-friendly alternative as it conserves much water.

 Shower curtains:


Do not use polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) shower curtains. These curtains release hormone- disrupting gases which are harmful and pollute the air. You can opt for curtains made of linen, organic cotton or other materials that are nontoxic.

 Eco- friendly towels:

Make use of eco-friendly towels that are made of organic cotton or go for bamboo towels with low-impact dyes and are anti-bacterial. The usual towels contain dyes that are harmful for your skin as well as the process of making those towels leaves many chemicals flowing in the water channels.



Compact fluorescent bulbs are energy-efficient and very cost-effective. It uses less energy than the other bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs do not produce much heat. The other advantage is that it lasts longer.

Ceramic tiles for bathroom:

Ceramic tiles are very eco-friendly and useful. Environmental friendly ceramic tiles are easily available in market. It is easy to clean and does not get damaged by moisture. These tiles can be recycled to make bottles etc.

Use green cleaning products:


Normally the soaps or the chemicals that are used for cleaning are petroleum-based surfactants and contains synthetic perfumes that pollute the air. Use detergents and soaps that are eco-friendly for cleaning. Look for cleansers that are plant-based or non-toxic. Use a natural scrub or brush to clean the bathtub and the wash-basin.

These are the easiest methods which will generate a hygienic and greener bathroom and save our planet.



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