With the growing arenas in technology , even the traditional habit and activity of reading has upgraded itself to a completely new level.Electronic books , popularly known as e-books are basically electronically displayed copies of regular printed books.There are devices ie- e-book readers are specially designed only for the purpose of reading such books. However e-books can also be read on laptops , computers , tablets etc.


Advantages of E-books
1)  Portability
With the help of an eBook reader , laptop etc it is possible to read multiple books on a single device. It gets rid of the problem of trying to accommodate  multiple books in limited space while travelling or even for storage purposes.

2)  Lighting conditions
In the case of an e-book , it is possible to read it under all lighting conditions especially in the absence of light because of the prevailing background  light in the electronic device which contains the e-book.

3)  Easily Readable
It is easier to adjust the e-books according to your convenience like adjusting the fonts , page size , zoom functions etc.

4)  Great for new releases
E-books are a great option in the case of new book releases. Not only are they available for cheaper but you can also avoid the problem of sold out copies which are often prevalent during the initial launch of the book.

Disadvantages of E-books
1)  Strain to eyes
Looking at the screen of an e-book for long hours can be a huge strain on the eyes. Apart from causing temporary irritation , constant and prolonged  exposure can lead to more serious eye problems.

2)  Power
Ebook readers , laptops,tablets or other devices have a power of maximum 2-3 hours and you may not always have access to power supply. This is a negative point considering how the paper books does not require any other supplementary device.

3) E book formats
A wide variety of ebook formats are available.Many of them are specific to certain ebook readers only whereas one particular book may not be available in all formats.

4)  Destroys the novelty of books
Many argue that no technology can replace the pleasure of flipping through pages of the book .The smell of pages and the feeling of printed paper holds a special place in the hearts of many and it’s hard for such people to change their reading habits.



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