Do’s and Don’ts in a Party


With the holiday season in full swing, everybody around most certainly seems to have a lot of parties to attend. While most of us have the sole intention of having fun at a party, modern day scenarios put you under a scanner in these circumstances. It becomes necessary for you to know a few dos and don’ts at a party.

To do:

  • Dress to the occasion. One of the most essential things to do is to pick yourself the right clothes as they always help you create the kind of impression you want others to have. Make sure you’re comfortable with what you wear. Sending the right message through your clothing is important and messing this bit could be dreadful.
  • Find resort in music. In awkward situations the best thing to do is relax and tune yourself to the mood set by the music. Also, if you’re the one hosting a party, the first thing you need to decide is the kind of music you want to play at your party. Playing something light would be perfect.
  •  Indulge yourself in conversations. Going to a party and meeting different people without even having a talk with them makes no sense. Also, people easily get bored. Any kind of talk could break the ice. Let people find you interesting.
  • Try to have fun. It is not mandatory for you to know everybody around in a party to have fun. Try hitting it off with a few people and take things easy.

Not to do:

  • You shouldn’t wear anything revealing. Catching un-necessary eyeballs is dangerous and in a professional environment this could prove to be career derailing. Also, you may shift public attention from the occasion and this could well upset the host. So remember to dress appropriately for a party keeping in mind the kind of people you’d meet there.
  •  Measure you consumption both in terms of food and beverages. Free food obviously rings a bell and one starts hogging in as much as one can.  Your body may not be up for such a ride and act differently. Alcohol consumption needs to be controlled too as being drunk and acting out of proportion is a common occurrence. You don’t want to puke or pass out at a guest’s place. Even being tipsy could land you in trouble in corporate scenarios when you are constantly under the watch of your superiors. Be wise and judge right.
  •  You do not want to agitate people with loud music. More often people tend to act rather courageous and create ruckus in group scenarios, acting out of their skin. Loud music can only fuel this desire a spread around an unhealthy vibe.
  •  Never be offensive with your words or actions. It is healthy to involve yourself in conversations, but make sure you don’t cross the line with your opinionated words, as this could upset the sentiments of the people around you. Most importantly, you need to mind you actions and gestures. Hitting off is different to flirting and one should not misunderstand between the two. Imposing is rude.




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