Dog friendly outdoor activities

Well, a man’s gotta do what he gotta do! One of the main aspects of that is treating his pet dog right. A dog is a man’s best friend after all! Having a dog as a pet brings along with it a great sense of responsibility. Finding dog-friendly activities in the outdoors can be a little tricky. One needs to take care about the fact that the activity concerned is for the dog and not for one’s own self! Therefore, it needs to have more than equal participation of the dog.

As we all know, dogs are jumpy, active pets. However, they also love some good old pampering. Therefore, they need a mix of both, energetic as well relaxing activities to do in the outdoors. Here are some great activities that you can try with your pet.

1. Frisbee

Frisbee is a sport that will make your dog enjoy like never before. It involves a lot of activity and a lot of spirit. Your dog will feel like a winner each time he catches the Frisbee that you have thrown in its mouth. Frankly, the dog sees it as its own responsibility to fetch the Frisbee back to you. For him, it’s more than just a game. This game will allow your dog to get all the outside air he needs.

2. Evening walk

When taking your dog to the outdoors, it is a must to remember that the weather shouldn’t be too hot. When it comes to their thermal reactions, dogs are very sensitive to heat and they might even get a heat stroke. Therefore, when the weather is cooler in the evenings, take your dog out for a stroll and make sure you have a leash around him or else he would get too jumpy around another human and so on. An evening walk is the best to make sure that your isn’t lazy and at the same time, he isn’t tired too.

3. Obedience training

Taking your dog out to a park and just training him is a great idea. Your dog can enjoy the outdoors as much as he likes and this is necessary for its own safety. This is helpful for your dogs to get a sense of direction, to make them feel comfortable around strangers and for general upkeep. Your dog should be trained in following your voice so that he can safely meander through roads and so on. Obedience training will ensure that the dogs are not too fidgety too.

4. Retrieving / Fetching

A simple game of ‘fetch’ is more than enough exercise for your dog in a day. Try playing with different objects. A ball, a disc, a smaller ball and so on. Some dogs are meant for the purpose of hunting – let them unleash their natural instincts with this animated game. You can make this a little more complex by throwing the object in a different direction each time. This will improve your dog’s spatial abilities as well.

5. Sunbathing / Sleeping

When the sun is not at its peak, it’s great to take your dog out to your backyard or anywhere outside like a park. Make your dog soak in the sun but make sure it’s not too hot. This will give your dog his dose of Vitamin D and keep him healthy.

These activities are just an introduction into the variety of things that can be done. It’s always great to even invent your own activity based on the mood and nature of your dog. Pet salons and consultants are great to get some advice from. If nothing, all this will just enrich your experience of having a pet dog.




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