Do kids get the importance of family traditions?

Family traditions are ritualized activities that have been passed down from one generation to another. They differ from family to family  and are sometimes dynamic.These traditions help strengthen bonds within the family through their involvement and participation.They don’t have to be time consuming or require a hefty effort. They can be small things done  occasionally just to keep the family spirit alive and kicking.There are daily traditions , weekly traditions and the ones for special occasions.They can range from family picnics to cooking together or from hiking to storytelling.

However the concept of family traditions are dying because of various reasons. Families are becoming more nuclear in size and ties within the families are also loosening up because of new found priorities , other relationships,work etc.There is the problem of generation gap that also occurs at times causing cracks and differences to occur within the family.Also with new technological innovations and gadgets no one seems to have the time to spare some time for other activities.Hence , these traditions play an even more crucial role during current times .These traditions also serve as memories as the future and always give you something to look back and cherish upon.

Nowadays kids try to boycott or avoid all these traditions especially the teenagers because at this age they tend to give their  friends a lot of importance .You could jazz up these traditions or even introduce some new innovative ones and make them a little more appealing to the youngsters.Ask them their opinions and discuss every option put forward by the family members.Also when these activities have an incentive at the end eg – a good dinner at the end of cooking , they seem to be more appealing and fun .

Sometimes these are basic activities , but involvement of the family members bring about joy to even the most mundane of tasks. We can say that they form a sort of excuse to spend time with each other than asking for each other’s time bluntly.

Family traditions have been existing from a very long time now but are gradually on the decline. People should realize their importance especially for the kids and youngsters. They enhance the children’s emotional well being  by creating feelings of continuity , identity and security.



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