Diveagar Beach

Diveagar Beach is one of the beaches in Konkan located at a distance of 170 km away from Mumbai and 200 km away from Pune. This six kilometers stretch of soft sands and calm waters have made Shriwardhan-Diveagar an incredible tourist destination in Maharashtra. As this beach is a fishing beach at one end you can find various places for sea-food. There are hundreds of fun things and beach activities that can be done at Diveagar beach.

This beach is also visited quite often because of the Temple of Lord Ganesh that is located in Diveagar village. The idol of Lord Ganesh in this temple has a mask which has been made out of pure gold. This mask was discovered a couple of decades ago by Mrs Patil.

As mentioned above, Diveagar beach at one end is a fishing beach but at the other end it is sanctuary for migratory seagulls.

There are many visitors to Diveagar beach from the city of Pune who usually stay there for 2 to 3 days and see all the attractions of Diveagar.

Places to see at Diveagar
Suvarnaganesha Temple – Also known as Golden Ganesh temple, this temple has become popular amongst the devotees as well as the tourists. In November 1998 a 30 kg heavy copper box was found buried underground. According to the words written on the box, it dated back to the 10th century. Inside the box there was a sculpture of Lord Ganesh made of pure gold. Later on this temple the sculpture was placed on the idol of lord Ganesh in the temple. It has still not been discovered who buried this sculpture and why. Fascinating?

Sundernarayan Temple – This temple was built in the 13th century and it is also called as Rupnarayan Temple.

Dive Agar Beach – One of the main reasons why tourists come to this place and stay here is because of the beautiful and clean beach of Diveagar. This beach is safe for swimming, water activities and beach activities which makes it the perfect place for beach lovers. The neighboring beach close to Diveagar beach is the Harihareshwar beach which is not safe for swimming because of the strong undercurrent.

Diveagar Hotels
There are numerous places to stay at Diveagar. Diveagar Accommodation has become one of the main ways of income for the people of this area as the tourism in this place has hyped up in the recent years. Hotels at Diveagar are of different types and they offer accommodation facilities ranging from basic amenities to world class quality services. Here are some of the major Diveagar Hotels and Diveagar beach resorts: –

MTDC Resorts – Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) provides the tourists with a great number of hotels, resorts and accommodation facilities at every location in Maharashtra. MTDC Resorts in Diveagar provide their guests with great services and quality stay.

Exotica Beach Resort – Exotica beach resort is located on Mumbai – Goa highway, at a distance 185 km away from Mumbai and 160 km from Pune. This is a perfect getaway for those who want to stay away from their busy city life for a couple of days. Exotica beach resort is situated very close to Diveagar beach; barely a 1 minute walk away from the beach.

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And here are some of the other resorts and hotels at Diveagar: –

  • Maitreya Beach Resort, Diveagar
  • Ambiance cottage
  • Pinakin Hotel
  • Dhanraj Cottage
  • olphin Resort
  • Anandi beach resort
  • Kinara holiday home
  • Suvarna Shree Resort
  • Anand Yatri
  • Woodland Resort
  • Manas Resorts

How to reach Diveagar beach from Pune (Pune to Diveagar) – The best route to reach Diveagar from Pune is Pune – Chandi chowk – mulshi Mangaon – Mhsala – Diveagar which is a total distance of about 160 km.

How to reach Diveagar beach from Mumbai (Mumbai to Diveagar) – The best route to reach Diveagar from Mumbai is Mumbai – Panvel – Pen – Nagothane – Uthekol – SH 97 – Mhalsa – Diveagar.




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