Dietary Therapies for Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problem people face these days. As again treatments charge you a lot in terms of time and your money, many people seek out for nutritional and dietary remedies for the treatment of acne. Nutrition can be a natural and effective approach to controlling acne. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and some essential fats help a person achieve glowing clear skin. Also, it is easy and also important to incorporate your daily diet and nutrition with some necessary fibers, vitamins and nutrients which fight this problem of acne. Here are some nutritional remedies which could help you get rid of acne in a very efficient way.

Folic acid helps in the building of new cells and tissues in the body. How is building of new cells important? It actually fights the acne and helps us retain the clear and growing skin. Leafy vegetable, avocado, spinach, beans have some high percentage of the nutritional fiber which acts against acne, and consuming the above containing folate would help us get rid of acne.

Vitamin B6 helps our body produce other chemicals which in turn pose as a challenge in fighting acne, as these chemicals released also help in fighting other infections in the body. Whole grains, walnuts, eggs, avocado, sunflower seeds are some of the delicious and edible supplements which one can take to fight acne, as they contain Vitamin B6. Though Vitamin B6 can also be taken as a supplement alone, it is advisable to have nuts and seeds which already contain vitamin B6 in them as they are healthy and tasty, and also a great, fast and easy remedy to fight against acne.

Vitamin A helps in the maintenance of cell in the body. Foods that are packed with this super acne-fighting power are usually red, orange and deep yellow. Red and yellow bell peppers, carrots, potatoes, mangoes, peaches are examples of Vitamin A supplement, which are tasty enough to consume, and can be consumed anytime and anywhere. But, there are some exception like carrots, cooked carrots with the addition of a little fat provides more of Vitamin A in the body than consuming carrots in the raw form. One must be very careful while consuming Vitamin A, as it is one vitamin which is stored in the body and therefore consuming too much of it can be very hazardous to our health.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant in the body. It protects the cells in our body from free radicals which damage the cells and tissues in our body. A diet high in antioxidants has proven beneficial in fighting infection, fighting against acne and prevents future breakouts. Brown, red and black rice, avocados, seeds, nuts contain a high amount of this antioxidant, and consuming them would not only prevent acne, but also prevent the formation of scars on our skin.

Also certain fats like the Omega-3 and Omega-6 are some essential fats required in the body which not only help in preventing acne, but also help in the development of the immune system and helps in the formation and acquirement of healthy, clear and glowing skin. They also help in the prevention of premature aging of the skin. Some of the best food delectable to find these fat essentials are tuna, sardine, salmon, olive oil, hemp oil and cold water fish.



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