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Denim in FashionDenim is the second name of jeans. They are ever green, fashionable as well as rough and tough.  Not to forget the fact that they are comfortable and durable too. Denim in 2010 doesn’t mean jeans only. Denim is popping up top to bottom in the new age of fashion. If you want to feel youthful you can add that extra denim in your fashion as it is not a no-no to wear it from head to toe like previous fashion mantras. Denim shirts or jackets with whites make good combination. You can even try some bright colours like yellow that gives a rich look. Let me tell you some of the latest denim wears:

  1. Dark denim– It can be a dark denim dress or a dark denim jacket. The dress can be paired with or without leggings. It looks good in spring, summer or fall season. A dark denim jacket with its feminine fit paired with white or bright colour shirt can give you a classic look.
  2. Denim sandals – Yes, you hear me right. Denim booties are in and this looks cool. Some of these are out in the market that goes really well with white, khaki or just anything. But don’t go for denim shoes as it will be too much denim.
  3. Denim bags – A denim handbag not only add class but also gives you space to fit a lot of things in as these are roomy and can be the look of the season when paired with suitable outfits of denim.
  4. Denim jumpsuits – It is a combination of two jumpsuit and denim. It is the most utilitarian piece that can be wore in a cool day. It is cool, comfy and fashionable.
  5. Washed denims– It is also one of the most popular form of denim wears. A washed denim jacket can go well with khakis to leggings or with your favourite jeans. It can add some edge over a little cute printed dress.

Next time when you hear denim word, don’t assume it to be jeans. Denims are not restricted to jeans today. It is now available in more interesting, creative and fashionable forms like jackets, jumpers, rompers, minis, bags, booties, etc.



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