Dealing with Depression

Life isn’t fair; neither is it perfect. And we don’t need someone to tell us that. We have all gone through tough times, be it the loss of a loved one, failure, unemployment or heartbreak.

Sometimes it seems as if getting out of bed is the most painful thing one could ask of you. But life doesn’t end here. You have to get up, dust the dirt off, and move on. Bouncing back is hard, but taking small steps towards recovery is something you CAN achieve.

Keep a journal-
Writing about our feelings can be very therapeutic. It gives us the freedom to truly be ourselves. You can rant and rage, curse and swear. But its important to let those feelings out. Because inside you, those thoughts will only corrode your mind. Let it out.

Reinvent yourself-
We have talents deep within us that we are oblivious to. It could be art, singing, a sport. Take up something new. It will take your mind off the issue AND you will feel positive about yourself.

Make a plan-
Take charge of the situation. Make a list of things that could help you progress. If its failure or unemployment you are coping with, plan to strive for excellence from yourself. When the time is right, your hard work WILL pay off.

No more guilt-
We have good days, and bad days. Sometimes we beat ourselves up about forgetting the sorrow. Don’t. Go out, watch movies, meet friends. It isn’t wrong to move on. But it IS wrong to stay in a gloomy black hole.

Reach out-
There are lots of people out there going through the same thing you are. Connect with them. Learn from them. See how they cope and survive the pain. Be their support too. Seeing the same situation from another angle enlightens us.



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  1. i think he should be dealing with death rather than depression.. haha

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