The Dancing House – An Iconic cum Outlandish Structure

So you think you can dance? Not only you but even a pair of building in Prague looks as if it’s dancing. Dancing house, a Nationale-Nederlanden is an architectural spectacle with curvy outlines that resembles legendry dancing couple, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Therefore the building was initially called as Fred and Ginger. The city which is famous for its traditional architecture saw establishment of this contemporary and inimitable construction during 1992-96. The twin building stands erect in the midst of Baroque or Art Nouveau style architectural structures. It is one of the prime attractions of Prague, where people all over the world come to have a glance and click pictures of this exception structure. Visitors can admire this symbolic building from outside, only a part of building is open for the general public. The top two floors of the Dancing Building boast a leading French restaurant, Celeste Restaurant which offers delightful cuisine with panoramic view of historical city and nearby palace of Prague.


This spectacular project is designed by Croatian-Czech architect, Vlado Milunić in association with well-known Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. The designers were given total freedom and even budget wasn’t a barrier while constructing the edifice. The architects aimed at constructing something exceptional and dissimilar to the historical setting of Prague. The unique shape of the building is known as deconstructivist style. The structure stands apart from the rest of the surrounding conventional architectures. The construction is supported by 99 panels of distinct shapes and dimensions. The building has two central bodies. The first of the twin towers is made up of glass, supported by curved pillars and is close to half height. Keeping in view the aesthetic sense, the windows lined evidenciarían that the Dancing house has two windows, while they have same height similar to the two adjacent buildings of nineteenth century. The masculine cylindrical shape of the building that resembles Fred is topped with nest shaped sculpture called Medusa. The feminine shape structure is elegant sculpture that is completely functional. The second tower is illustrated by moldings that follow a wavy pattern. The building runs parallel to the river. Dancing House is basically a commercial complex. The tower comprises of numerous conference halls, restaurant and a bar. Second to fourth floor of the building is occupied by office spaces while the last two floors of the Dancing House is dedicated to a French restaurant. The interior of the building is not as overwhelming as the magnificent exterior.

The project is located in the capital and largest city of Czech Republic, Prague. It is present in the corner of the Rasinovo Nabrezi and Resslova Street, besides the Vltava River. It is within walking distance from the underground station of Karlovo Namesti.

The popular and exceptional shape of the building is now part of Czech koruna coin which is issued by Czech National Bank. The coin showcases a series of ten Centuries of Architecture. The building is a fundamental part of modern Prague.



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