A widespread issue on the net today, Cyber-bullying is the act of bullying, harassing or embarrassing a person with threats, remarks, hurtful statements through the medium of a virtual world.This harassment can be sexual in nature or just plain hostile.However cyber-bullying basically targets children and young teenagers.The same phenomenon when prevalent amongst adults becomes cyber-stalking.It starts in public chat-rooms and forums or when one discloses personal information to another.

Youngsters are unaware of the seriousness of revealing personal details on the world wide web. They do this with intentions to socialize and popularize themselves by having friends outside their local social circles. Unintentional statements can be made but when they follow a repetitive pattern, it can be clearly marked as cyber-bullying.Harassing through mostly words and sometimes even pictures can have a tremendous effect on the emotional bearing of the victim.

Apart from stress, anxiety, depression  and other emotional disorders,Cyber-bullying has led to a huge number of death cases when the helplessness of the victim is heightened. Cyberbullies usually have fake accounts and id’s so that they can’t be easily tracked. The reasons for why people turn into cyberbullies are widespread. They could have either been victims of the same problem in the past , do it as a pastime or are jealous , angry and want to take revenge on someone.

Parents setting internet controls or schools having certain privacy restrictions might initially be seen as nuisance. However this is exactly how we can curb this malpractice.

Some other ways to prevent getting yourself into such a situation is by not revealing personal information like phone numbers and house addresses on the web. You must also ensure privacy regulations on social networking sites and blogposts. Irrespective of these , if you do get yourself into such a situation do not be scared to immediately report to your parents or any higher authority.Documenting the conversation and ignoring the message are other things to be kept in mind.Ignoring the problem thinking it may just fade away , might later create unnecessary problems.The police can be informed if all other means fail.



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