Credit Card Apps for iPhone

You can make secure online transactions from your favorite bank by using credit card apps for your iPhone. Here are some the best credit card apps for your iPhone.

1. Swipe It – Credit Card Terminal with Secure Reader
This app supports drag and drop on iOS4 and it is the first terminal credit card for the iPhone and iPod Touch that works with a magnetic field-Swiper.

2. Square –
You can accept credit cards and cash on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch through this app. There are no contracts in this and you can include monthly fees or merchant accounts in it. Fund will be deposited in you back account on the following day of the transaction. You can easily accept payment from anywhere in the world by using Square.

3. Phone Swipe –
You can process your credit card in safe and secure manner by using Phone Swipe.

4. Pay Anywhere –
You can accept payments through your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by using Pay Anywhere app. This credit card app is a free application for apple products. Through this app you can accept credit cards at anytime, anywhere by anyone. This app is best suited for artists, tutors, for garage sales or even for fundraising. There are also no hidden fees included in this app. Pay Anywhere app is a leading credit card processing app for over 110,000 businesses.

5. Card Log –
You can keep a record of all your expenses and spending through credit cards, checks issued, cash or any other mode of payment by using Card Log. You can have the images of the documents, date, name of related parties and addresses with GPS. Basically you can save all the information you will and might require related to your expenses and incomes.




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