Think of South India and the first thing that comes to mind is DOSA! Mouth watering and delicious, dosa’s are something you can die for. For all you foodies, here is the list of top 20 creative dosa’s in town!

1.Cone Dosa:
Love shapes? You will fall head over heels in love with its conical structure.
2.American chop suey Dosa:
Stuffed with fried noodles and tomato ketchup, American chop suey dosa comes with an Indo-American flavor.
3.Green Dosa:
With fresh vegetables and mint Chutney, even the Dosa’s are going green. Why not us?
4.70 MM Dosa:
60 cm in diameter these Dosa’s are excellent stomach fillers.
5.Benne Dosa:
It’s similar to Masala Dosa but much smaller in size than the actual ones. The origin of Benne Dosa is traced from the city of  Davangere (Karnataka).
6.Wheat Dosa:
Made from the goodness of wheat and served with coconut Chutney, wheat Dosa is here to stay.
7.Chow-Chow Dosa:
With Chinese noodles stuffing, Chow-Chow dosa is definitely a yes for Chinese food lovers.
8.Paper Dosa:
As the name suggests, paper dosa is extremely thin and almost transparent in texture. Watch out! It will melt in your mouth in a jiffy.
9.Neer Dosa:
Neer (meaning Water in Telugu) Dosa is a lightweight variety made from watery batter which is not fermented.
10.Paneer Chili Dosa:
With capsicum, sautéed cottage cheese (paneer) for stuffing and red chilly powder for seasoning, Paneer Chili Dosa is going to set you on fire!
11.Methi Dosa:
Methi Dosa is enriched with the goodness of fenugreek leaves.
12.Polo Dosa:
Polo Dosa is extremely rich with grated coconut, almond, raisin, pistachio and cashew nut stuffing.
13.Kali Dosa:
Red chutney, green chillies and tomato toppings make Kali Dosa extremely vibrant and colorful.
14.Palak Masala Dosa:
With spinach puree, onion and potato stuffing, this one is going to be Popeye’s favorite (If he might end up trying one!).
15.Cucumber Dosa:
A whole new variation of dosa with grated cucumber, coconut and green chillies for stuffing.
16.Ragi Dosa:
Ragi Dosa, made from millet flour, is highly nutritious with the presence of essential dietary fibers.
17.Kerala Dosa:
Small, soft, spongy, this will remind you of pancakes. The flavor of Kerala has blended well with the Dosa. Something you wouldn’t want to miss!
18.Cabbage Dosa:
A paste is made of rice, red chillies, turmeric and added to the batter along with finely chopped cabbage. This dosa is really a “never-thought-before” variety.
19.Family Dosa :
One Dosa of this kind is enough for your entire family. 2-3 feet in length, serving this Dosa on your table is quite a herculean task!
20.Pav-Bhaji Dosa:
The South Indian fast food ‘Dosa’ is seasoned with ‘Pav-Bhaji’ (A fast food from the Maharashtrian cuisine). Gives a feeling of unity in diversity, doesn’t it?
With new varieties of dosa’s on their way, who knows one day you might end up having the most creative dosa on earth!



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