Creation of World’s Biggest Optical Telescope

Do you enjoy watching the astronomical planets, stars and other breathtaking pictures of space? Then be astounded to hear the news that Hawaiian Board of Land and Natural Resources has permitted to build the world’s largest optical telescope above the clouds, above the volcano Mauna Kea.


The projected telescope will be Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT)   which would have 492 segments mirror assessing 100 feet across. The telescope will also take the pictures of the planet present outside our solar system that also with unmatched clarity.

Scientists from India, California, Canada, Japan and China are focusing to collaborate for this project. This colossal device will have 144 times the light-collecting part of the Hubble Space Telescope and almost 10 times that of one of the Keck telescopes. It will function in wavelengths from ultraviolet to mid-infrared.

The project has been approved by the Government but has imposed clusters of conditions.

However TMT won’t hold the position of largest Telescope for too long as it will be soon outshined by European Extremely Large Telescope which will start operating in 2021 in Chile. This telescope will have 137 foot mirror. Meanwhile TMT will enjoy its supremacy. It will operate with the planned James Webb Space Telescope which is a successor of Hubble.



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