Conquer Stress: The Easy Way

In today’s time we often see people saying I am under too much stress. Before going into depth we need to understand what is stress? In simple words we can say stress is the tension due to some reason. It can be dangerous as it can cause physical and mental problems if not managed in time. Stress is basically the mental, physical and emotional reactions you experience due to the demands of life.

When we say the types of stress, it can be classified in different ways.

  • Physical, emotional and mental stress.
  • Positive stress and negative stress.
  • Acute stress and chronic stress
  • Short term stress and long term stress

All types of stress affect the mental and physical health if not managed properly. Whatever type of stress we are having, we need to minimise and manage it otherwise it can turn into a serious problem in future.

The causes of stress can be our personal life, hectic schedule, office work, project deadlines, financial issues or physical health. For example, unexpected death of your loved ones can give you a sudden stress that is most of the times uncontrollable.
In the initial stage it is perceived like a simple headache and doesn’t need any treatment. But if it is a part of day today’s life then it needs to be taken care of otherwise it can lead to depression, diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, heart disease etc.

It is said that prevention is always better than cure. So we should take things seriously at its first stage. Managing stress is really easy.

When we get stress, we should try to relive it fast so that we can empty the box of stress. Have you ever observed a six month old baby? How cheerful and stress free he is? When you see him doing silly things just for five minutes, you feel happy. That is relieving stress. Whenever feel stress, do some silly thing and you will find it yourself how relieved you are. It is the simplest way to relax. For managing stress one can try these easy to do tools:

  • A walk in the woods
  • Watch a movie of your choice
  • Talk to your friend
  • Deep breathing
  • Exercising and yoga
  • Laughing freely
  • Listening music or dancing
  • Playing favourite sport or swimming
  • Don’t think
  • Sleeping or take a nap if time is short
  • Write your problems in the diary

If all above things are not possible then just take a deep breath and try to remember good old memories that can refresh you from inside. These techniques are simple and easy to adopt but in severe cases one must need to see a good doctor who can diagnose the severity of the stress and can treat it accordingly. Stress sometimes can be fatal. Stress management depends on the nature of the person also because some people can easily manage their stress but for some it is an uncontrollable task. Try to learn to relax.
One philosopher said,

“The bow that is always bent will quickly break.
So, let some relaxation take.”



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