Common Photography Mistakes We Make

Do you get unpleasant and atrocious comments on your photographs from a professional, even though all your friends have liked it and appreciated it on your facebook page? Well, if that’s the case then you needn’t be upset! Because you’re not alone in the crowd of amateur photographers who are striving to learn better photography through their mistakes. James Joyce rightly said, “Mistakes are the portals of discovery”.


So here’s a list of most common though most often unnoticed mistakes and how to overcome them:

  •  One of the foremost things that we often ignore is – Explore and know your device better. Learn all the technical know-how about your camera. Turn off the auto mode and put it on manual mode and start exploring!
  • If you think that- Big zoom lenses equals better picture quality, auto mode is the best mode or Flash is always good, then these are the biggest mistakes that you could ever make as a photographer.
  • Never underexpose your subject by clicking it in an area where the background is brilliantly lit and the subject is poorly lit. This hides the intricate details of the subject to be focused.
  • Make sure the shutter speed isn’t too sluggish to make your picture blurry. Blurred pictures are a sign of ‘Bad Photography’!
  •  Pictures with red vampire eyes are a strict ‘NO-NO’ in photography. So turn off your flash and turn on the ‘red-eye reduction’ mode.
  • ‘Are you keeping  your subject right in the centre of frame?’If yes, then check out the ‘ The rule of thirds’ and pictures clicked by professionals.
  • Very often, in a hurry to click the trigger our object goes out of focus, making the picture composition, a tragic. Take your own sweet time, half press the trigger, make sure the focus is precise and then completely press the trigger.
  • Always take care of resolution settings for better quality pictures.
  • ‘Objects can be best photographed at eye- level.’ This is one of the biggest myths of photography. Bend down, tilt or lie down on the floor of a landscape and click awesome photos!
  • ‘Always place people in your pictures.’ This can be your biggest ‘misconception’ ever!
  • ‘It’s inadequate to include other people (or a third person) in your photo’. This is absolute crap! In order to give a sense of depth, distance or scale, we need to place other people in our picture.
  • Not sure about the subject in your frame, including conflicting objects with your subject or maintaining long distance from your subject of focus, are very common mistakes.
  • Don’t forget to take into consideration the angle and direction of lighting while clicking.
  • Pay attention to the background, in order to avoid messy and muddled pictures.
  • Very important: Always carry your camera with you, you never know, you might get something interesting to click in the most uninteresting place.

So keep clicking, keep making mistakes and keep learning!




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  1. Hmm quite helpful beginners like me..:-):-) i hope and wish sometime i could also read anything about the use of setting like iso, aperture and all such things.. Thanks a lot..

  2. dats quite informative :)

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