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After high school, the utmost priority should be given to choosing the right college. ‘The right college’ is a very subjective term and depends on what you look for most when it comes to higher education. Do the extra-curricular activities matter to you or the faculty? Are you a fussy eater or not? Are you prepared to live away from your hometown for the purpose of your studies? The answers are varied and need to be thought about wisely. Jumping to a decision based on the views or guidance of others is not a good idea at all. Therefore, it is very important and you go and see the campus of the college for yourself.

While you are at the campus, remember to explore on your own. Try looking for directions on your own and ask a lot of people. You will not only understand the general layout of the campus but will understand how the student body acts and reacts to strangers. Do not forget to make a list of the facilities other than classrooms that the campus provides. Make a note of how big it is and observe what people seem to be doing in their free time. Ask yourself whether you can imagine yourself amidst these people in the same campus or not.

Do not forget to take a peep in various activities – the sports ground or the nurse’s office, for starters. You must remember to try the food out at the mess, canteen or any such common eating ground. See what shops are there around the college and you’ll see some typical college hangouts nearby. If you don’t like the food, see if a lot of other people are eating from there or somewhere else.

Look at all the notice boards when you are just walking around. They will give you a lot of more information than you can imagine. You’ll get a sneak peak on what is actually going on in the campus. Various contests, announcements, advertisements etc. will all be there. This gives you a general feel of the amount of activity that is going on in the campus.

Carry any required material with you such as ID proof, your certificates and so on because if you are meeting any professor or the Director even, you shall need these. While looking around the campus, it is also advisable to talk to one or two teachers and ask about general classes and so on. While on the tour itself, wear clothes and footwear that are formal but light. Do not tire yourself by wearing something you are not comfortable in. Remember, this is also your first impression. Make sure you leave a good imprint on the minds of others!

Ask about the campus at different times of the day. It is best to ask an existing student if he / she feels safe walking around the campus the night. Don’t forget to pick up any brochures, catalogues or other information that is kept on various stands. See if the students are from different schools of thought and from different nationalities. It is always better to be within a mixed demography since it gives scope for more personal growth and improvement.

Be sure to carry a list of questions with you. You must remember that this might be the only chance you have to tour a particular campus. You cannot afford to miss out any important details that the campus has to offer. Do keep in mind that you should make the best of this opportunity and weigh your options very carefully. If you are satisfied with all the tours that you make, admissions should not be a problem at all!



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