Coffee v/s Energy Drinks

Do you spend hours and hours peeping at a computer screen? Or do you work late at the office? Then coffee is a savior. No? It is one ideal beverage for quiet reading and work. In coffees, there are so many options to choose from like Lattes, cappuccinos, espresso etc. whatever you prefer, sweet or bitter, there’s a coffee for you. #Fact. No wonder it is the most consumed drink in the world.

And then there’s the energy drink. The miracle drink that raises your energy levels to the maximum and keeps you active throughout the day. Does it really? Well, in a survey it is found that there are very few energy drinks which really help energize you. Energy drinks are meant as a healthier option to soft drinks and proved as better energy restorer than water. In this piece we’ll discuss more about the comparison between coffee and energy drinks and their merits and demerits also.

The hidden rogue being argued between coffee and energy drinks debate, is caffeine. The little white powder, like other white powders is actually a drug but a legal one. It is so much legal that we consume it in highest frequencies. Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant and it activates and charges you up. What is more feasible? It is available almost at all food and beverage outlets.

There are many arguments and debates over caffeine and its properties. Is caffeine good? Is it bad? How good is it? How bad is it? For starters, caffeine has its good and bad properties. It strengthens muscles and increases stamina. Caffeine makes other drugs and medications work better and faster, it is just like pain relief medicines.

It speeds up your thinking, your physical reflexes it also reduces the feeling of tiredness and drowsiness. It helps you in many ways like, building up physical and mental health. Too much stimulation can cause your brain to get all jittery. So try and not consume much of caffeine. It also has other side effects like difficulty in sleeping and concentration power is decreased.

On an average, the amount of caffeine consumed should be between 150 mg – 300 mg a day. Above 400 mg is considered high and above 1000 mg is an abnormal.  And, it is certainly dangerous amount of caffeine to consume a day. Below is a comparison of the amount of caffeine in coffee and energy drinks.

Aggressive advertising tends to promote energy drinks. And to present energy drinks as a substitute for water, which is certainly untrue. The bottom line of the debate in the coffee v/s energy drinks comparison is that both are safe, good for health, when enjoyed in moderation. And as humans we know that water is the best accepted beverage.




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