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Computer, an electronic device, works for the convenience of man. Though man has made it, yet, he behaves as a handicapped without one. Like all of us, even computers or laptops need to be cleaned regularly for smooth functioning. Cleaning in literal terms doesn’t mean to wash it; it refers to dry process of waving away the unwanted dust that has settled o the device. So, here you will come across the answers for a question like How to clean your computer/ laptop?

  • To start off get the basic materials required for cleaning it, like- a soft clean dusting cloth, a brush for cleaning through the keyboard and a spray which is specifically used for removing away the dust and junk from the things and lastly a liquid shiner to give it a final touch.
  •  Now that we have collected everything, we can proceed with cleaning the screen. Screens are magnets for dust and dirt. If you notice, then the screen can also be covered with fingerprints. Never spray the cleaner directly on the screen, instead spray small amount on your cleaning cloth and then wipe the screen working in a circular motion.
  •  While cleaning away the dust, pay attention to the fan vents and make sure that they aren’t blocked. Dust out here might just act as a hindrance in the useful working of the computer.
  •  Do not forget to dust underneath your computer and the cords to your computer which can collect dust.
  •  Moving on to the keyboard, this needs patience to be cleaned. There might be events when you were eating your crispy chips while watching videos and so the bits might have got stuck in between the keys. For this, it is advisable to use a brush with thin teeth so that every corner on your keyboard is chips free! After you have removed the particles and dust balls then spray the cleaner on the cloth and then clean the surface of the keys.
  •  Lift the keyboard up and clean it from underneath.
  •  Clean the corners of your computer so that no dust is left behind to rot.
  •  Remove the dust from other parts of the computer like its CPU, speakers and the lovely mouse.
  •  Finally use a device polish to give your computer a shinning look. Put some shiner on the cloth and clean the screen, keyboard, CPU and mouse from above. I the end, you will realize how dirty your computer was when you initially started cleaning it.

Cleaning your computer after regular intervals is a must for its sustainability. These tips can also be followed to clean your laptop. After all both serve the same purpose.



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