Cheaper Versions of High Priced Ultrabook to Come to the Market

Ultrabooks are great in every way but one. They are attractive, portable, well performing with long batter life but the only problem with an Ultrabook is its price. It is quite agreeable if you want good features and quality performance you’ve got to pay up. But not everyone can afford them so Laptop manufacturers are making Ultrabooks that are more budget-friendly.


Laptop makers have decided that they will not wait for the prices of Ultrabooks to decline and they will be making more affordable devices that have the design of Intel ultrabook platform. If you really like the new Ultrabook devices but you cannot afford to pay $1000 for it then the cheaper clones are the perfect choice for you.

HOWEVER I would not go for it. In order to make the devices cheaper they’ll be using AMD processors instead of Intel Ivy Bridge processors which are low power processors by Intel. This will change the performance of the devices drastically and it will diversely affect their battery life. Intel Processors for Ultrabooks are low powered and they have integrated graphics with the RAM. This boosts the battery life of Ultrabooks without compromising the performance of devices. So basically the cheaper devices will just look like an Ultrabook while they perform decently like a normal notebook.

Would you go for a real Ultrabook or an Ultrabook-like-alike device with AMD processor?



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