CES 2012

There were thousands of devices and new gadgets introduced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show but most of the buzz was about what is not there or what is going to be announced later. This year Nokia is with Windows-based smart phones and it is ready to bring the android giant down. The new products this year include connected cars, smart refrigerators, computers, Ultrabooks, svelte etc.

Even Samsung is launching its new series 5 Ultra line, Hewlett-Packard is offering Envy 14 Spectre model and Lenovo has an ultra laptop.

Two of the components which are not present at the show include Intel’s new mobile processors which will be released in spring and Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system with new touch features. The Windows 8 OS was not ready yet for the CES 2012. In fact there is some news about Microsoft abandoning CES and it will not be appearing in CES any longer.

The Kinect gesture and voice recognition game controller now works on PCs and Windows 8 is going to be released in 2012. Steve Ballmer the CEO also said that Windows 8 will run on the current Windows 7 PCs. According to many this means that Windows 8 is not much of an upgrade but I personally think that we should not judge too quickly and wait for it.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii also failed to make an appearance at the exhibition with their new updates.

LG electronics has come up with a new thin 55-inch TV that uses OLED technology (Organic Light Emitting Diode). This Smart TV will be available in the fall and it also has voice recognition technology which is provided with a microphone on the remote control for the viewers to browse the web using spoken words.

Samsung has come up with smart TVs which also have video cameras with the face recognition feature. This TV recognizes the face and adjusts the set according to the personal preferences. You can also make video calls through this TV. The dual core processors in smart TVs have completely changed the concept of TVs from dumb displays to intelligent living room computers. Even Google has come up with new Google TV software which is provided mainly to Sony and LG and other companies are getting inspired to take it up too.

One of the rumors that have been attracting everyone’s attention is the Apple TV. As we all know apple does not take part in CES so if you want to know that there is going to be an Apple TV you are just going to have to wait for apple to announce it.

What do you think about the CES 2012? Did I miss anything?




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