Google Android Reaches the Car Dashboard

Usually people hide their secrets from their competitors so that they couldn’t copy it, but same is not the case of Google. Google provided all its competitors a Google glass on its launch, that’s the confidence which makes Google different than any … [Read more...]

Interactive New Year Resolution Map from Google

Resolutions are no more meant to be broken. Now you can share your New Year resolutions with people all around the world with the Google Resolution Map. Google have once again come up with an attention-grabbing page called as the Google Zeitgeist … [Read more...]

Google Santa Tracker: Colorfully Playful; made me a kid; Now I want Santa

Blue sky, Yellow sun, flying clouds, green Christmas trees with snowflakes, illuminated houses, train, bus and flight passing by, all sums up to give you a feel of a town where elves working hard to meet the deadline of Christmas while packing gifts, … [Read more...]

Businesses’ Interiors within Search Results of Google

Now you can view business interiors from you home itself. Google business photos presented by Google maps which was launched in September allow the users, 360-degree panoramas of the business interiors. It is a practical tool used to virtually view … [Read more...]

Google Urges to Take Action to Preserve Freedom of Internet

More than two billion people (about a third of the planet) are connected through internet. It empowers us. Anyone can speak, create, learn, and share anything on the internet. It is a free world where freedom is gifted. But the International … [Read more...]

Google Nexus 7 on sale in India

Nexus 7, the tablet computer designed and developed by Google in conjunction with Asus has finally reached the Indian store shelves on November 8, priced at Rs. 19,990. Asus confirmed that sale of the tablet would begin today, with an entry level … [Read more...]

Android is on 3 out of every 4 Smartphones

Don't worry; this is not the overall number (cool down Apple freaks). It's a research from IDC which calculated the ratio of smartphones sold in the last three months that uses Google's Android software. Three out of every four smartphones sold in … [Read more...]

Android might beat Windows by 2016

Gartner research firm has predicted that Google Android OS is going to outnumber Microsoft Windows in next four years. Data reveals that there will be 2.3 billion computing devices (Computers, tablets and smartphones) that will use Android compared … [Read more...]

Google’s video on how Emails travel and reach their destinations

Google has launched a video on Google Green that describes how your emails travel from your PC after clicking on send button and reach their destination to the receiver.  This animated video also shows Google’s efforts on keeping viruses and spams … [Read more...]

Gmail Lab Features that you should enable

There are total of 52 features available in Gmail Lab and they can make your e-mail experience very professional. Once you create a Gmail Account all the lab features are disabled. However you can enable them by clicking on setting and from there … [Read more...]

Google’s Project Glass: what it is and what to expect

We heard about it, saw videos and we have been waiting for a reliable source of information on the Google Project Glass and now Google has finally revealed some information about it. The Google Project Glass is in reality a gadget in form of glasses … [Read more...]

Google Drive: What you need to know

Google recently introduced Google Drive. There are quite a few questions that come in mind about Google drive as it is a new application developed and introduced by Google. What is Google Drive? Google drive is a virtual drive (storage … [Read more...]