Lessons from the life of a pious monk

It's not every other day that the cosmos sees the nascence of spiritually immortal mortals. But when it does the entire human race looks up to the miracle with reverence. SWAMI VIVEKANANDA – A virtuous monk, who shed ignorance to grace the … [Read more...]

New Year’s Eve Party Bash in Bangalore

It’s again that time of the year where we say bye-bye to the last year and ring in to the New Year with gusto and fun. New Year Eve is round the corner and you all must be eagerly planning for a bash to welcome 2014. So where are you hanging out this … [Read more...]

Do you know: What is ‘X’ in Xmas? Why there is Christmas tree on Christmas?

Christmas is one winter festival that is celebrated with immense joy and delight all over the world. Santa Claus, Christmas tree, colorful decorations, Christmas carols, lavish festive meals are all part of this grand event but have you ever tried to … [Read more...]

It’s Celebration Time, It’s Christmas!!!

Christmas, the day when the Christ was born in a small stable and the entire city of Bethlehem celebrated the birth of divine Jesus in joy is now a festival feted all over the world. Not only the Christian community but even the Non-Christians … [Read more...]

What is Your Style Quotient This Diwali?

Diwali is all about going traditional. Western outfits are a part of our day to day life, but during festivals ethnic style is always welcomed. Celebrations seem to be incomplete without bright and vibrant apparels. Each year people rush down to … [Read more...]

Variety of Sundal (Spicy Sprouts) Recipes for Navratri

As Diwali is called the festival of lights, Navrartri is known as the festival of nights. Navratri (nine nights) is festival in India celebrated to worship Goddess Durga. Since our country is unique for its assortment of cultures, every state has … [Read more...]

Navdurga – 9 Forms of Durga

Navratri which means nine nights is a festival dedicated to Goddess Durga. In Hinduism, the goddess is looked upon as a mother; the way a mother takes care and protects her children, similarly Durga is believed to shield her devotees. This Divine … [Read more...]

The Dancing House – An Iconic cum Outlandish Structure

So you think you can dance? Not only you but even a pair of building in Prague looks as if it’s dancing. Dancing house, a Nationale-Nederlanden is an architectural spectacle with curvy outlines that resembles legendry dancing couple, Fred Astaire and … [Read more...]

Manache (Revered) 5 Ganpati of Pune

Our well-known freedom fighter Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak with an intention to bring peace and harmony among the citizens of India, transformed the household Ganesh Chaturthi into a Sarvajanik (public) festival. It is now more than 10 decades the … [Read more...]

Why Honeymooners End Up In Goa

Are you looking for a perfect honeymoon destination? If yes then it can certainly be Goa, popular for its exotic beauty which can be visited any time of the year, whether summer, rainy or winter season. So whichever season you get married, you can … [Read more...]

Ganeshotsav from the History

Believers of Lord Ganesha celebrate the 10-day festival with enthusiasm and energy showing their love and respect for the lord Ganesha. Almost each and every house in Maharashtra celebrate this festival by establishing a Ganesh Idol in their houses … [Read more...]

Top 10 Places to Visit in France

France is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its famous university La Sorbonne is a melting pot of cultures, as students from all over the world come to study here. The beautiful landscape, the history of France and of course fashion … [Read more...]

Modak – the Famous Ganesh Festival Offering

Lord Ganesha is fabled to have an appetite that can stun anyone. A story says that once the lord of wealth, Kubera wanted to show off his wealthy city of Alkapuri to Lord Shiva. Unable to attend the invitation Shiva sent Ganesha. When Ganesha sat to … [Read more...]

Top 10 Places to Visit in New Zealand

One of the most beautiful countries to visit in the world is New Zealand. It is known for its magnificent mountains, sweeping glaciers, landscapes and rolling hills. The Top 10 places to visit in New Zealand should be noted. The Bay of Islands … [Read more...]

Top 10 Places to Visit in Australia

Extensive denudation of the forest for commercial purposes in Australia has resulted in the disappearance of many species of wildlife. Every effort is taken by the preservation authorities to rejuvenate the ecological conditions. Great Barrier … [Read more...]

Bappa’s Favorite List

The elephant-headed god with a huge pot belly is the most beloved deity. Ganpati is known as god of good luck and happiness and remover of obstacles. It is said that it is very easy to please this cute god. Make him happy and he will happily grant … [Read more...]

Ganeshotsav and Social Responsibilities

During British rule before independence it was hard to gather people and create awareness in them to fight against the British cruelty hence Lokamanya Tilak came up with a plan and he invented Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav. The idea was to gather people by … [Read more...]

Five Most Famous Ganesh Mandals of Mumbai

Any Indian festival is a spectacular affair. There would be lights and colors, dancing and music, food and drinks and a number of other things that bring people together to celebrate and to forget their sorrows. The people pray to the gods to take … [Read more...]

Top 10 Places to Visit in South Africa

South Africa is a great, exciting and beautiful country. It has many exotic places but a must see are the top 10 places in South Africa continent. Coastline is an incredible 2500 km and is home to wildlife, beaches, mountains and more. Robben … [Read more...]

Top 10 Places to Visit in Mexico

The top 10 places to visit in Mexico have plenty to offer much more than any other holiday resort. Coastlines that are still deserted and unexposed and the national parks are peaceful places to visit. Yucatan On Eastern Mexico’s southern tip is … [Read more...]