Get Rid of Hurdles while Buying Glasses Online

Are you facing any hurdle while buying glasses online? Here's how you'll get started. Initially you'll have to gather some details about your eyes and prescription, in order to buy glasses online: … [Read more...]

Dospara Prime Note Altair

Dospara has unveiled its first ultrabook which is the Prime Note Altair F-5E and it comes with a 14 inch screen and Intel Core third generation processor. It is also featured with 8 GB of RAM, 64 GB of SSD and 500 GB of HDD. Well with these … [Read more...]

Gigabyte U2440

Gigabyte comes with a new Ultrabook that features discrete graphics and great specifications with a reasonable price. The Gigabyte U2440 is a 14 inch ultrabook that comes with Intel Core third generation Processors (Ivy Bridge), NVIDIA GeForce GT … [Read more...]

Gigabyte X11

Gigabyte has made an 11.6 inch Ultrabook that is currently holding the title of world’s lightest notebook with a weight of 975 grams.  Gigabyte X11 is 16.5mm at its thickest point and 3mm at its thinnest and it is made or real carbon fiber with … [Read more...]

Wipro e.go Aero Ultra

The e.go Aero Ultra is one of the latest ultrabooks manufactured by Wipro. This 14 inch ultrabook comes with Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, a 32 GB SSD and 500 GB HDD. It is 19 mm at its thickest point and weight at 1.7 kg. Comparing to other … [Read more...]

Ultrabooks: Intel’s requirements

Intel has maintained guidelines and requirements for Ultrabook devices which must feature reduced size, weight with long lasting battery life and better performance. An Ultrabook can be defined as a new trend of laptops which are designed with … [Read more...]

Ultrabooks Battery Life Comparison

As specified by Intel’s requirements in order to market a device as an Ultrabook, it must have a battery life of minimum 5 hours. There are numerous Ultrabooks and each of them has different battery capacity, battery life and … [Read more...]

Best Accessories for your Ultrabook

If you have an Ultrabook or you are planning to buy one, you must be wondering what all Ultrabook Accessories you will need. When you think of accessories for a new technology or a new gadget you should know that there is a never ending list of … [Read more...]