Google Android Reaches the Car Dashboard

Usually people hide their secrets from their competitors so that they couldn’t copy it, but same is not the case of Google. Google provided all its competitors a Google glass on its launch, that’s the confidence which makes Google different than any … [Read more...]

Will era of tablets replace PCs?

Will era of tablets replace PCs: this is one of the most debated questions of the year. However, different people use devices to perform different tasks. No doubt, there is a drop in the demand of PCs in 2011. According to Gartner, an information … [Read more...]

Samsung reveals the future proof Smart TV set

Samsung has created the latest Smart TV set. This TV set can be upgraded every year with new features, improvements and new functionalities. The new Samsung set was announced at the CES show in Las Vegas and had quite a great response. The TV set … [Read more...]

New Intel chip on Motorola and Lenovo smartphones

Intel’s new processor known as Medfield chip was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). This processor has been designed for devices made by Motorola Mobility and Lenovo in the upcoming android-based smartphones. The Medfield chip has been … [Read more...]

Animals in Space

The first man to step on the surface of the moon was Neil Armstrong who flew to the outer space on July 20, 1969 accompanied by Edwin Aldrin Jr. They both spent two and a half hours gathering rocks to bring back to earth for analysis. This was a … [Read more...]

iPad in schools of Mumbai

Podar International School, Santa Cruz, instructed all its students to purchase an iPads as it is necessary for conducting their lectures and to impart education. Vandana Lulla, the school principal, issued a notice last week, claiming the final … [Read more...]

Online Registration for your UID Card

The Human Resource Development Ministry of India has recently undertaken a scheme aiming to give each Indian a Unique Identity card which holds the status of an electronic and physical identity. The time consuming and difficult process applying for a … [Read more...]