10dulkar’s Top 10 Unbeatable Records – Aaila Sachin!!!

Cricket is a religion in India and when it comes to worshipping, there is undoubtedly only one ‘God of Cricket’ that is the ‘Little Master’, Sachin Tendulkar. Have you ever felt the presence of God? Well, when the cricket fans watch their god … [Read more...]

To Sachin, with Love+Tears

  Dear Sachin, What you have given us, is not cricket Neither the dinosaur scores nor the 100-100's It's yours, all yours. But those magical times, when I cried “I want a bat” because of you When I joined the cricket camp to become like … [Read more...]

Indian Champions at London Olympics 2012.

More than 200 countries participate in the Olympic Games. These are considered to be the world’s most prestigious sports’ competition. Olympics were first held in Greece, in 776 BC. They are held every four years, with two years apart for Summer … [Read more...]

27 Days To Go And Oops! Monkeys Are Here

The countdown has begun for the much awaited Common Wealth Games 2010 in the capital city of India, New Delhi. Only 27 days to go and here we are surrounded by problems all over again. Why we don’t learn from our previous mistakes? It is an honour … [Read more...]

It’s Football Season!

In a country as cricket crazy as India, it’s hard for any other sport to make a mark. But over the last few years there has been a respectable urban audience for sports like tennis, F-1 and the world’s favorite sport, Football. The popularity of … [Read more...]

A Common Man’s Take on the Common Wealth Game Fiasco

The latest controversy about the CWG is as entertaining as it is embarrassing for the country. Kalmadi and Co. try desperately to fight against a mountain of evidence of corruption and money laundering while the Congress is taking the easy road out … [Read more...]