How to Increase Muscle Strength Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are also know as exercise bands, these latex free resistance bands have a textured surface, for better gripping and are lightweight and easily are portable. Basically, these bands are made of elastic and are used for strength … [Read more...]

Benefits of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is High Performance analytical tool. Basically, it is a function that operates in- memory database mechanics that supports the processing of enormous volume of actual-time data in short span. The in-memory computing engine grant SAP HANA to … [Read more...]

Google Android Reaches the Car Dashboard

Usually people hide their secrets from their competitors so that they couldn’t copy it, but same is not the case of Google. Google provided all its competitors a Google glass on its launch, that’s the confidence which makes Google different than any … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Dear Superstar!

Rajnikanth – A name which took the film industry by storm, 38 years back, is no less than God to his die-hard fan followers who wait for an era to catch a glimpse of this charismatic celebrity. Every time he comes on screen the magic of his alluring … [Read more...]

10dulkar’s Top 10 Unbeatable Records – Aaila Sachin!!!

Cricket is a religion in India and when it comes to worshipping, there is undoubtedly only one ‘God of Cricket’ that is the ‘Little Master’, Sachin Tendulkar. Have you ever felt the presence of God? Well, when the cricket fans watch their god … [Read more...]

Creation of World’s Biggest Optical Telescope

Do you enjoy watching the astronomical planets, stars and other breathtaking pictures of space? Then be astounded to hear the news that Hawaiian Board of Land and Natural Resources has permitted to build the world’s largest optical telescope above … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 expected to be launched on 27th April in India

The most anticipated Smartphone by Samsung, Galaxy S4 is likely to be launched on 27th April, 2013 in India. The latest version of Galaxy S series was unveiled at an opening event held in New York on March 14th. According to the sources, Samsung … [Read more...]

Smelling Screen: Fourth Dimension to Digital Objects

If watching food and beverages on the screens makes your mouth drool and your stomach greedy then wait for the smelling screen. Japanese scientists have developed a screen which will throw out a smell of the object appearing on screen. The screen is … [Read more...]

Zync Quad 9.7 Review

Do you wish to buy an android tablet that has the best features and that too at a reasonable price? Zync Quad 9.7 is what you are looking for. It is substantially cheaper than any other android tablets present in the market. This tablet is available … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Note SIII Plans to launch with LCD Screen

On one side the whole world is impatiently waiting for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S IV on the other side Korean Smartphone Company is keenly focusing on the features of Samsung Galaxy Note III. There are rumors spread about S III Note, which is … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office 365 Now in India

Microsoft has officially launched the Office 365 in India. Office 365’s specialty is it can function across multiple devices such as desktop, laptop, tablet, mobiles etc. at the same time. It is social and can be integrated with the cloud. In fact it … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S IV Unveils their Launch Date

The much- anticipated Smartphone by Samsung has finally declared its launch date. Samsung Galaxy S IV, the next version of Galaxy S III is expected to come in market on March 14th. Samsung has confirmed the rumors, saying that this phone will be … [Read more...]

What’s New in Tech: Google Glass and Chromebook Pixel

The human imagination is widening with time. Science fiction is getting turned into reality by the intelligentsia of the world. Asimov would be very much happy in today's age as we are progressing quickly to know the mysteries of universe like no … [Read more...]

2012 DA14 causes injuries in Russia

An approximate diameter of 50 meters and mass of 190,000 metric tons, a space rock was discovered on 23rd February, 2013 and named 2012 DA14 by the astronomers.  It was predicted that this flyby may hit the earth today but fortunately our planet is … [Read more...]

Wristwatch to Curb Violence against Women

Can a wristwatch really help to dissuade abominable act of Sexual Violence against women??? Well, according to Kapil Sibal it apparently could. The IT Minister, Kapl Sibal has disclosed the government plan of developing a wristwatch that would … [Read more...]

Indo-German Urban Mela in Pune

After travelling and transmitting unlimited knowledge, zeal and entertainment to Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi, the Indo German Urban Mela, that marks the 60 years of harmonious relationship between the countries, is coming to Pune. It's a … [Read more...]

Facebook Timeline: Change is here

One of the quirkiest things about Facebook's Timeline is that it keeps changing with time. In the last month, few changes have been made like the options underneath the picture and the removal of maps. Another change has already touched New … [Read more...]

Water-resistant Smartphone by Sony Xperia

Now you can enjoy the shower with your Smartphone or rinse it if you find it dirty. Sony Xperia launches a new Smartphone in the market, Sony Xperia Z. The main and the unique feature of this Smartphone is that it is water- resistant and dust proof … [Read more...]

Interactive New Year Resolution Map from Google

Resolutions are no more meant to be broken. Now you can share your New Year resolutions with people all around the world with the Google Resolution Map. Google have once again come up with an attention-grabbing page called as the Google Zeitgeist … [Read more...]

Apps that Ruled 2012: Facebook, Instagram, Angry Birds and YouTube

According to Flurry, in 2012, consumers spent on average two hours everyday using mobile applications i.e. an increase of 35 percent over last year. And what’s that special thing that sticks our fingers to the device, addictive apps! What are the … [Read more...]