Gifts for Lawn and Garden Enthusiasts.

Be it the first lady of the U.S, or a member of your own family, everyone loves to possess a garden in the house. We all know about the famous gardens at the White House and at our very own Rashtrapati Bhavan. A lush green lawn or a garden adds to … [Read more...]

How to grow your own chilies?

Best climate to grow chilies is the tropical climate but they can easily grow anywhere. For example the world’s hottest chilies, ghost peppers (they are mainly used in non-lethal weaponry such as hand grenade and pepper spray) originated in India.I … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Kitchen Gardening

When we talk of Kitchen Gardening, one might think that it is a tedious process and involves a lot of effort and time. However, it is often considered to be therapeutic and relaxing by the people who do it. It is a refreshing feeling to inhale the … [Read more...]

Dine in the hands of Nature

In the last few years, we have heard the spread of lot of diseases due to consumption of some or the other vegetable. One of the major reasons behind the fruits and vegetables being contaminated is their growth process. From the selection of location … [Read more...]

Green Housing

A green house is an eco friendly building that is made up of various covering materials like glass, plastic, earth bags, etc. It is often used to grow plants, but there are also instances in which there are schools and other buildings based on the … [Read more...]

Small Garden Ideas

In the current streak of civilization and urbanization, houses have been limited to flats and apartments. This creates a scarcity of space in your flat to exhibit your garden. To beautify your home and help the environment, you need to bring nature … [Read more...]

Orchid A-B-C

“Orchids are the new red roses”.While red roses still hold their position for the romantics,those who are eager-to-please,are all in for the orchid rage. They’ re beautiful,delicate,and expensive..just the right flower to make an … [Read more...]