Variety of Sundal (Spicy Sprouts) Recipes for Navratri

As Diwali is called the festival of lights, Navrartri is known as the festival of nights. Navratri (nine nights) is festival in India celebrated to worship Goddess Durga. Since our country is unique for its assortment of cultures, every state has … [Read more...]

Tips to Store Fruits in a Healthy Way

Fruits are perishable in nature and therefore they have to be stored appropriately to stay fresh for longer time. They have to be stored in cool places or in a right temperature. Here are some tips to store fruits effectively: Don’t wash … [Read more...]

How to Cook Rice with Perfection

Rice is one of the staple foods in India. There are wide array of rice available, white rice, brown rice, short rice, long rice, basmati rice etc. Rice can be cooked in various methods and techniques. Rice is one the easiest and fastest cooking food … [Read more...]

Pros of a ‘VEGAN’ Diet

If you happen to be a die-hard non vegetarian then this write-up is definitely a must-read! ” What is nice about being a vegetarian? There is nothing exciting about being a vegetarian!” These are some of the endless accusations on the most nourishing … [Read more...]

Organic Bazaar a big Bizarre

We discuss a lot about changes and adaptation, one such is an issue about the Organic food stores in the market. Organic foods are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They … [Read more...]

How to safely store food?

Some of the most common but dreadful diseases like food poisoning, bloody diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid fever and extreme dehydration are caused due to consumption of contaminated food. And food contamination mostly occurs due to improper and unsafe … [Read more...]

How to cook a lobster

Lobster are often extensively high priced at the restaurants and that is the reason why they are tagged as the ‘Delicacy for elite classes ‘.  But to enjoy this delicacy at cheaper rates you can prepare it at home by yourself and treat your taste … [Read more...]

Top ten coffee houses in Mumbai

1.Mocha- situated in mulund west, mocha has one of the best seating arrangements in the city. Situated inside the nirmal lifestyle mall, mocha’s ambience is very inviting and the couches are extremely comfortable. From the Jamaican tea to the Irish … [Read more...]

3 Basics of Vegetarian Cooking

With more and people getting calorie conscious, most of the people are now choosing a vegan lifestyle for themselves. Not only calorie consciousness, but also the influence of PETA which is compelling people to renounce eating those tender ribs of a … [Read more...]

Restaurants in Bangalore

Bangalore is famous for its diversity. Its diversity stretches from people to food to cafes in fact to street food as well.  South Indian, North Indian, Arabian, Chinese, Thai are served all over the city. The local attractions are the Udupi … [Read more...]

Salads and salad dressing recipes

Gone are the days when salads consisted only of a couple of cut vegetables mixed together in a bowl. There are so many ways to keep healthy now and thus, there are so many types of salads too! There is literally a salad for every occasion or season. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Recipes for couples without children

Couples without children are more balanced in diet. They ensure that they don’t eat unwanted stuff as there is no child in the family. As a matter of fact, every married couple without child knows that after the baby arrives there will be tones of … [Read more...]

How to Start a Restaurant in India

Starting a restaurant or being a restaurateur in India might seem to be an amazing and a very profitable idea. Specially in a place like India where restaurant dominate our society at large and where almost every type of cuisine, call it Indian, … [Read more...]

Benefits of chai

What do you call a unique blend of tea, milk and spices? The delicious answer is “Chai”. This smooth textured beverage is an all time favourite for almost half the population. A blend of tea with very-many famous spices, milk and honey has been one … [Read more...]

Best Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai is one such city that is global in itself! It has a plethora of cultures that thrive seamlessly in one of the world’s best cities! Dubai also promises a variety of cuisines and sumptuous delights in each of its restaurants that provide a mix of … [Read more...]

Restaurants in Powai

The area of Powai in Mumbai has grown overwhelmingly when it comes to restaurants. Without being restricted to just the normal Indian and Chinese taste, Powai comes out with a vast stretch of international and North Indian cuisines, which you … [Read more...]

Pubs in Delhi

Delhi, as known to be one of the happening and interesting cities to visit and have fun, one cannot seem to get enough of the innumerable pubs and bars, which have people spilling in all day and all night! You can enjoy the decorations, the taste of … [Read more...]

Restaurants in Andheri

Andheri, divided as East Andheri and West Andheri is known to be that part of Mumbai which is always spilling with crowds, irrespective of it being a weekday or a weekend. Famous for its huge chain of restaurants, these two parts of Andheri are a … [Read more...]

Best Restaurants in Hyderabad

Right from the vegetarian thali to Hyderabadi biryani, Hyderabad has some amazing chains of food restaurants which are worth a try. Be it Mughlai, Chinese, or Indian cuisine, this city has surely got some heartwarming and delicious food serving … [Read more...]

How to make BBQ Chicken

Recipe to make barbeque chicken: - 1. Buy chicken breasts and legs 2. Wash and clean the pieces and keep in a container 3. Great onions on the chicken and mix 4. Add ginger and garlic past and mix 5. Add little lemon juice and mix 6. Add salt … [Read more...]