Different Forms of Art that Showcases Creativity at its Best

Beauty lies everywhere around and it is said that only artists have the magic to perceive with their eyes and reveal this beauty to the world in form of art. Art is a form of creative communication that evoke emotions of the people. Artists … [Read more...]

Sketching: Life in Black and White

Everyone has immense interest in art whether you can create one or not. Whenever people see a magnificent piece of work they couldn't stop praising it. Drawing is one of such interesting arts which nowadays popularly known only as the base for … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Better Water Color Painting

There are various techniques to make better water color paintings. Here are 5 tips that often come very handy while painting, especially landscapes with broad skies and vast lands. Lighter To Darker Once water color dries it becomes lighter. So … [Read more...]

Tips for learning a new language

We live in a country where a number of languages are spoken. Every language has several dialects. Almost every Indian can speak three languages- Hindi (the national language), English (the second official language), and the mother tongue. Being … [Read more...]

20 Uncommon Words in English

English is an alluring language that embraces a massive word collection. Many of them have almost been eliminated from daily usage. A language so rich and exotic is confined to a corral, surviving with just a few common words in circulation. The … [Read more...]

Lifestyle of the Warli Tribe

"WARLI"-A tribal group dwelling in the mountainous and coastal region of Maharashtra-Gujrat border are amongst the 645 tribes in India."Waral" (meaning small piece of tilled land) is from where the tribe gets its name. Warli tribes follow customs and … [Read more...]

Fine art photography

Fine-art photography refers to images and photographs that have been created by a photographer using his/her own creative vision as an artist. Fine-art photography is completely different from photojournalism. Photojournalism provides photography for … [Read more...]

Art v/s Real Life

We generally feel a temptation of investigation of an artiste’s personal life in order to grab up certain information but it is not morally correct at first point. The role of most art works is to create a huge impressive perception of fictional, … [Read more...]

Romanticism v/s Realism

The field of arts, music and literature has offered us a lot over time. Newer genres are created even today. And they keep us totally engaged with the new and utterly creative people and art around us. Two such assets or properties are romanticism … [Read more...]

The Art of Candle Creation

Whether it is to enliven a special occasion or simply to embellish the decor of your home, there is no other accessory as exotic as a candle. Candles of different shapes, sizes and kinds are available nowadays. Even so, making them at home is more … [Read more...]

True Blood!!

All this talk about blood these days is bound to make everyb(lo)ody a little queasy… with Sachin Tendulkar marking his biography with his blood in a bid to increase sales of the book, my image of him being the chocolate boy-demi god is slightly in … [Read more...]