Are mutual funds a great investment?

Mutual funds are a collective funding for investment in various shares , stocks or bonds. This is a way of indirectly purchasing shares or stocks from the market.The company offering the mutual fund invests on behalf of the investors. The value of … [Read more...]

Stock Market Index

What is stock market index? World indices Indian indices What do the ups and downs of index mean? Why indices are important? In simple words, “stock market index is a number that measures the relative value of a group of stocks.” as the … [Read more...]

Most Important Trading Rules

Trading is buying and selling of securities, commodities or services on a short term basis in a view to make quick profit. As we know that trading can be done intraday or delivery basis. But while doing trading we must be very careful as it is very … [Read more...]

Trading Terminology

What is trade? Who is a trader? Meaning of trading Types of trading Where the trading takes place Trading account Trade: In general terms the meaning of trade is buying and selling of goods or material. One can buy or sell any goods to … [Read more...]

Seven Most Frequently Asked Questions About Investment

Investment means putting your money into financial schemes, shares or property with the expectation of making a profit. There are some most common questions come to our mind before investing money. These are: 1. Should I invest or not? First thing … [Read more...]