Tips for buying a Guitar

  You love music and dream to be like one of those cool rockstars. You start growing your hair but still undecided to choose the right guitar. There are thousands of options, many varieties, varying sizes and different designs to bewilder … [Read more...]

5 songs to sing for the love of your life

Singing a love song for the boy/girl you love is utterly romantic and all of us in some point of our lives wants to sing a song for that special person we love. So here's 5 amazing picks which will make your heart-keepers love you more and … [Read more...]

Top Ten Psychedelic Music

So if you are into ever-changing beats, strange melodies, mind boggling sounds and high tempo riffs; this article is for you.  It strikes a deep-rooted longing to experience the abnormal. Find out for yourself the top ten psychedelic music … [Read more...]

Top 10 Metal Songs of All Time

People believe metal songs to be one of the most popular genres of music in today’s world. It is that genre with high beats and extremely powerful music.  This genre is how popular terms like ‘headbanging’ have come into existence. Right from rolling … [Read more...]

Hollywood Musicals

Musicals are a form of theatre per se that combine songs, spoken dialogues, acting and dance together. They bring out a range of emotions within the characters and the story in a way that an ordinary way of speaking dialogues doesn’t. The emotional … [Read more...]

Top 10 Musical Hits/Songs of the Year 2011

As 2012 sweeps in, people and sit back and recollect those wonderful things that occurred in the year that just swept past them. People discuss various issues be it be movies or politics. One such issue which is ruling the market, is the top 10 list … [Read more...]

Top 10 Rock Songs of All Time

The song that your grandparents would jive to, and now you are jiving as well. As if the legacy of these songs is being passed down from generation to generation. This is the reason why The Beatles are still popular today. They made history and … [Read more...]

How have Independent Artists Changed the Music Scene in India?

With more and more commercial movies coming up, there is a big rush in the music industry for play back singers. Side by side we do get to see independent artists coming up who do not go for play back singing, but strive to shine independently. There … [Read more...]

How Music and Visual Elements Help us Heal?

It is amazing how miraculously music and visual elements affect our body, emotions and spirits. Sometimes they bring tears to our eyes and sometimes they pump up our mood to party. The way they play around with our mind and emotions made the … [Read more...]

Top 10 Jazz Songs of all Time

1. Miles Davis – So What One of the biggest forefront of generating innumerable number of jazz music styles, making him one of the sought after musicians of the 20th century.  “So what” is one such cool, romantic and melancholic track from his all … [Read more...]

David Guetta India Tour

Even though I’m sure we all have heard and known David Guetta, here is a brief introduction to this world famous artist. Pierre David Guetta, born on 7 November 1967 is a French House music Producer as well as a DJ. He started off with his career in … [Read more...]

Top 10 Hit Songs on Youtube

Every single Homo sapiens species member existing on this planet today is a huge music fan directly and indirectly. Kids while playing or studying or even as their favourite pastime; men while driving; women while at work or home and aged to distract … [Read more...]

Top Ten Richest Reggae Artists

There are numerous Hip Hop stars that make millions of dollars every year. But something that we forget about is the Caribbean Reggae artists who are making money pretty much the same. If you are wonder who the richest reggae artists are most … [Read more...]

How to choose a guitar for a beginner

If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar then you need to buy one. In order to buy a guitar, while considering yourself as a beginner you will need to consider quite a few things. You need to find out what kind of music you are … [Read more...]

Music Genres

Music has different meanings to every individual. Every person has a favorite genre of music and sometimes we find people who listen to the same type of music that we like which brings us closer. There are various types of music genres, which have … [Read more...]

Groove to the beats of Indian Bands

Music is something that appeals to people beyond all barriers. One does not need to be of a particular age, caste or creed to be able to appreciate the divine feeling of listening to music. However, an individual’s taste of music can vary from … [Read more...]

How to form a Rock Band

Forming a band is not an easy task. There are many difficulties, sacrifices and steps involved while forming a band. Here are the steps to form a rock band. Finding the right musicians with the right equipment Generally in order to form a rock … [Read more...]

100 Greatest Rock Songs

The popular music that we generally listen to these days is quite different from when rock n’ roll started in the 1950s. Many people, including me still listen to classical rock music. This means this genre of music has not lost its popularity at … [Read more...]

Music Album Review: The Budos Band-The Budos Band III

Sometimes, between a glut of jaded rock and kiddy-pop albums, comes a breath of fresh air. Something that you may have never heard before, something you may not even generally listen to, but something so refreshingly different, it could change your … [Read more...]

Music Album Review: Danzing- Deth Red Sabaoth

For most of you who haven’t heard of this band, straight off the bat, they have been around for a long time now and frontman Glenn Danzig is a legend in the world of heavy metal. This is an album which harkens back the good ol’ days of Black Sabbath … [Read more...]