The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug – it certainly won’t desolate you..!!

A quest for finding lost esteem, treasure, and pride of Dwarves community to lonely mountain to reclaim the mountain and the stolen treasure by Smaug, the dragon which transforms through adventurous story line and enriching plot. Being the second … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Dear Superstar!

Rajnikanth – A name which took the film industry by storm, 38 years back, is no less than God to his die-hard fan followers who wait for an era to catch a glimpse of this charismatic celebrity. Every time he comes on screen the magic of his alluring … [Read more...]

10dulkar’s Top 10 Unbeatable Records – Aaila Sachin!!!

Cricket is a religion in India and when it comes to worshipping, there is undoubtedly only one ‘God of Cricket’ that is the ‘Little Master’, Sachin Tendulkar. Have you ever felt the presence of God? Well, when the cricket fans watch their god … [Read more...]

Lunchbox – Can you fall in love with someone you haven’t met?

Only one in a million lunchboxes in Mumbai ever get delivered to the wrong person but when it does it can lead to a love story. The story revolves around the Lunchbox, the most important part of the Mumbai's commercial life. The miss delivered … [Read more...]

SlutWalk : Mission accomplished?

The SlutWalk/Besharmi Morcha in India inspired by the SlutWalk in Toronto was a walk as protest against sexual harassment of women.Apparently a police officer stated that the rise in the number of rape cases was due to women dressing up as ‘sluts’. … [Read more...]

Mona Lisa Smile

Mona lisa Smile is a 2003 movie directed by Mike Newell. Starring Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles and Maggie Gyllenhaal, the movie greatly revolves around the perception of women in the society in the 1950s. Julia Roberts plays the role … [Read more...]

My Journey to the Valley of Love

"Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired" –Robert Frost I had believed that it is the imperishable literature and enduring poems that will make me feel the fire. But I cannot lie. They have affected my conscience, gave me … [Read more...]

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is an American TV series which started in 2005 and is still continuing. The ninth season was launched in 2012. It is a medical drama through the viewpoint of Dr. Meredith Grey, the protagonist and the titular character. The story spins … [Read more...]

5 Channels that Changed the Face of Entertainment

The box of life, Television is as important in our lives as our family. It is not just an object but a moment of happiness as it unites the family and make them sit on the sofa and watch their favorite show. It fills our boring life with … [Read more...]

Places to Party in Chennai

Once upon a time, Chennai was only known for the traditional curd rice and filter coffee and Pongal (traditional festival), but times have changed guys!!! Chennai has lot more to offer apart from these. There is an assortment of places to cheer you … [Read more...]

Life of Pi – Movie Review

Doubt is important. It makes us think. And what we think, defines us. Piscine Molitor Patel (Ayush Tandon) had doubts in his mind and so he questioned and bewildered others. A Hindu by patrimony, Piscine-turned-Pi chose to follow Islam and … [Read more...]

Party Places in Gurgaon

It is time to say good bye to 2012 and welcome merrily the prosperous year 2013. So Gurgaon people what are your celebration plans? We are here to lend a hand in planning for your New Year eve party. Gurgaon is fast emerging as one of the best … [Read more...]

Party Places in Goa

It’s time for the New Year bang and to have a gala with your loved ones. So how you plan to welcome 2013? No plans yet? We will help you out with that. How about hanging out in Goa and welcoming this New Year? Goa, one of the most happening places … [Read more...]

Places to Party in Bangalore

Bangalore is a place that truly lives up to party spirits. With copious nightclubs, discotheques, lounge and bars, Bangalore is a mesmerizing party venue. Here are a few picks for great party places. Hard Rock Café A premier dining and … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Sunburn 2012!

It’s Back: Gear up to experience one of the biggest and wildest electronic musical festivals of the country! ‘Sunburn Fest’- One of the most popular music events to be held in India was first started in the year 2007 with the collaboration of the … [Read more...]

David Guetta Euphoric to Visit India Again!

Nothing but the beat is coming to India. The high-powered techno/electronic Grammy award-winning DJ David Guetta is excited about his second visit to India and all set to perform at Candolim Beach, Goa on December 8. The 45-year-old's maiden India … [Read more...]

Tips for buying a Guitar

  You love music and dream to be like one of those cool rockstars. You start growing your hair but still undecided to choose the right guitar. There are thousands of options, many varieties, varying sizes and different designs to bewilder … [Read more...]

The Stoning of Soraya M.

Soraya is buried up to her waist in the harsh, infertile land of Iranian village. Her creamy gown turned red, the pores of her face are cut opened and thick blood rushes out of it. She cries in excruciating pain while everybody stones her to … [Read more...]

New City, New Hope!

Whenever we move to a new place, we expect change. Our heart is full of new hopes. Hope of happiness, growth and love. Living in home is easy, cozy and burden-free as it delivers the leisure of having anything you wanted in your hands, thanks to … [Read more...]

A fascinating travel story

Going by the name, you may be expecting a travel story stuffed with galvanizing experiences nothing short of a James Bond flick. Oh! Oh! Just hold back! Tear down the James Bond backdrop and move to a new scrim where a pleasant, breezier travel story … [Read more...]