What’s New in Tech: Google Glass and Chromebook Pixel

The human imagination is widening with time. Science fiction is getting turned into reality by the intelligentsia of the world. Asimov would be very much happy in today's age as we are progressing quickly to know the mysteries of universe like no … [Read more...]

MacBook Pro with Retina Display

MacBook Pro with Retina Display Apple has announced the best computer it has ever made the MacBook Pro 2012 with Retina Display. Well in simple words the new MacBook Pro is a beast of a machine and by some people it is considered as the most … [Read more...]

HP Introduces Ultrabook alternative: Sleekbook

Ultrabooks came out in 2011 and they majorly compete with the MacBook Air with their ultraportable features and long battery life. Now HP has introduced the Sleekbook which is pretty much an Ultrabook but it does not fit in all requirements of … [Read more...]

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air first came out in mid 2011 but the competition from the Ultrabooks with Windows operating systems outran it. Now Apple Macbook Air has come with an Intel i5 processor, backlit keyboard, Thunderbolt bolt port, increased battery life … [Read more...]

Lenovo ThinkPad X220

This one looks just like another regular laptop that was made ten years ago. The Lenovo ThinkPad X220 has a very deceiving business look and feel to it but it is filled with the latest features. Amongst Ultrabooks and other thin laptops, Lenovo … [Read more...]

Sony VAIO Z Series

Sony VAIO Z Series is one of the latest creations of Sony to cope up with the Ultrabook trend. This powerful device provides the performance of a desktop while it remains ultraportable with 13.1 inches of screen, only 17 mm thick and a weight of 1.15 … [Read more...]

Samsung NP350 review

Part of its’ new ‘Series X’ line of laptops, the Samsung NP350 is sleek, slim and light. With a normal keypad and a matt screen, the bottom is a single smooth plastic base and the lid has a nice brushed aluminum look. However the rocker switch is … [Read more...]


The ASUS B23E is a matt black lightweight laptop that is 1.1 inch thick The B23E includes one of the best keyboards on an ASUS notebook. It has a spacious layout and is completely spillproof . With a 12.5 inch LED display and a resolution of 1366 x … [Read more...]


Almost as thin and light as an Ultrabook, this 13.3 inches laptop, being totally light weighted is the best option open for professionals if they desire an attractive, stylish and fully featured and a powerful device to work on. It includes a built … [Read more...]