Career as an Ethical hacker

If you are an aficionado of matrix then you must have dreamed of waking up one day, somewhere in the nowhere to get face to face with Morpheus to become a key to save the world like Neo, a part time astute hacker living very normal life. This is not … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of non traditional careers

Those days are gone when only conventional career choices were made by the youths. Now the barriers are being broken and offbeat career options are being preferred. As these uncommon choices provide the satisfaction, people are looking for the work … [Read more...]

Tips to Succeed in an Interview

If we have to survive, we have to work. But first we have to get the job we want which doesn't come easy. There is one big, scary step before getting the job. The interview! You might have given lots of interviews in your life or maybe the first … [Read more...]

How to top sat exams

Taking any test is difficult. We all know that for a fact. But preparing for a test individually will help you out on the composite score, because each type of standardized test is set up with it's own set of rules. The SAT has it’s own set of … [Read more...]

How to make a great first impression

First impressions can be quite important.Everyone stereotypes everyone on first impression, even if we are reluctant to do it. We all get a first impression of a new person that creates a mental image of his or her personality in our … [Read more...]

Self Employment Ideas

Self employment opportunities come in diverse forms and the more lucrative ones end up being the ones from which most is minted. The ideas that really click are the ones that are in sync with the entrepreneur’s interests. It has been proved that you … [Read more...]

How to improve your spoken English???

More than a million people on this earth wish to be eloquent in English. So, first of all, relax yourselves and be proudly convinced that you’re NOT the only one. English speaking indeed is an important “skill” that you must possess to easily get … [Read more...]

How to apply for pan card

What is a PAN card? PAN (full form: Permanent Account Number) is a unique combination of alphabets and numbers, which comes in an identity card format and it is  issued to all identifiable juristic entities under the Indian Income Tax Act 1961. Pan … [Read more...]

Tips on Career Planning

Many students start looking for fields in which they can build a successful career after their graduation. Some students keep receiving suggestions from their parents, family and relatives on what to do and what career to choose. On the other hand … [Read more...]

How to check you EPF status

Employee Provident Fund is scheme, which was introduced by the government of India and it takes care of  needs and problems of its members such as retirement, Family obigation, financing of insurance policies, medical care, education of children and … [Read more...]

Skills that can help enhance your career

This is a dynamic world. Every act, every person needs to comply with multitudes of demands. In such volatile lifestyle, building a stable and successful career is a must but not that easy. While talented are facing dilemmas in the presentation of … [Read more...]

Winning a Job

Remember the euphoria of scoring a first class in your college’s last term ? and the day winding up with a heavy round of partying with friends …. Only to be followed up by a gloomy day, which stretches in front of you and says ‘What Now ?’ In … [Read more...]