Google Android Reaches the Car Dashboard

Usually people hide their secrets from their competitors so that they couldn’t copy it, but same is not the case of Google. Google provided all its competitors a Google glass on its launch, that’s the confidence which makes Google different than any … [Read more...]

Wristwatch to Curb Violence against Women

Can a wristwatch really help to dissuade abominable act of Sexual Violence against women??? Well, according to Kapil Sibal it apparently could. The IT Minister, Kapl Sibal has disclosed the government plan of developing a wristwatch that would … [Read more...]

Apps that Ruled 2012: Facebook, Instagram, Angry Birds and YouTube

According to Flurry, in 2012, consumers spent on average two hours everyday using mobile applications i.e. an increase of 35 percent over last year. And what’s that special thing that sticks our fingers to the device, addictive apps! What are the … [Read more...]

Much Loved Photography Apps for iPhone

Love photography? Love iPhone? Oh! So you love both of them Click click! Here are 5 smart apps that will help you in juicing your creative nudges. Instagram 80 million users love Instagram. It is a free online photo-sharing and social … [Read more...]

Angry Birds Star Wars: Delight for Star Wars Freaks

 "Use the force, Luke" Well, Luke's gone long back and some really angry looking birds are here, ready to sabotage the darker side of force, the piggies. Red Bird: wueeeee! Bad Piggies: Oink Oink! The war has begun between the empire and … [Read more...]

10 Revolutionary Apps

It was the word of the year for 2010 by American Dialect Society and a mountainous multi-billion dollar industry now. Apps! The mini icons that open up to a universe and enthrall, help and entertain us. They are the software applications that … [Read more...]

Facebook in talks to buy WhatsApp

The most popular mobile online messenger, WhatsApp may soon become yet another high profile purchase by Facebook. Facebook is trying its best to acquire the mobile platform. According to a report in Techcrunch, Facebook is in talks to acquire … [Read more...]