Careers in Information Technology

Today, due to fast and exponential development in the field of technology which is very dynamic in nature, there is an acute demand of IT experts all across the world in various IT industries. Latest technology in every field has become an integral part of our lives. Hence, we can easily say that it is an immortal sector whose importance will never decline and thus it ensures very high scope and value to IT experts.


Careers in Information Technology

The hype that only people having a degree in IT engineering can be a part of IT sector is a myth. If you have a graduate degree or a certification in BE or any field related to computers or IT which incorporates in you, basic computer software and hardware skills along with general skills like strong problem-solving capability, logical outlook and solid mathematical foundation, then you are eligible to be a part of IT sector.

IT sector offers a vast choice of careers to an IT expert ranging from entry level to management level jobs with varying salaries. The different types of jobs it encompasses are: Computer & Information Research Scientists, Computer Hardware Engineers, Computer Software Engineers, Computer and Information Systems Manager, Computer Programmers, Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts, Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, Network and Computer System Administrator and Computer Support Specialists. The level of stress in these jobs is extremely high; it demands very high inputs and vigorous efforts from every individual.

If you are very good at interacting with people, listening to their needs and demands and understanding them, then System Analyst is the best job for you.

Computer Support Specialist can be classified into technical support specialist or help-desk technicians. Technical support specialistshelp the users with computer issues with the help of automatic diagnostics program. They also provide training and create manuals for the organisation. Whereas help-desk technicians help solve computer-related queries.

If you are a master at developing and designing software then becoming a Computer Software Engineer is the best position you can go for. It is a very rewarding and challenging position which requires a lot of hard work and it equally pays you back with big salary package.

If you are good at understanding the computer languages then Computer Programmer is the right choice for you. It requires you to write programmes and also make changes to existing ones.

If your technical knowledge in the field of IT is very high then you must opt for Information System Manager who makes sure that the company uses the right technology to meet its goals easily. They assess new technologies, develop technical standards, and regulate how to device new technology. They also judge and look after the work and capabilities of other IT professionals.

IT departments also allow you to work from home. Generally big projects and software development can be done from home if you are capable enough. You must have pretty good managerial skills in order to pursue a career at the management level. A master’s degree would be more preferable to pursue the same. Other careers as mentioned before could also be a choice for you.

Some of the top IT industries where you can ply your trade in as an IT graduate are Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, Satyam, HCL, Tech Mahindra, i-flex, Emphasis, Larsen and Turbo.All these companies should be preferred as a fresher, because they provide extensive training which carves and moulds your IT skills and talents to turn you into a real IT professional.




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