Careers in Graphic Design

To start off with, you need a lot of creative juices fuelling you to pursue a career in graphic design. One needs to be sure of his /her communication skill to be in sync with the trend, be it through any form of media, print, audio-visual or web. Graphic designing as a career was thought of as a volatile field of work with uncertainty looming over one’s income generation plans. With the advent of internet however, there seems to be a drastic change in the light under which these professionals are now looked upon. Be it freelancing or climbing up the corporate ladder, graphic designing as a career is not only appealing, but also rewarding.

For each kind of medium you need to have a different kind of skill set. Hence, it becomes necessary for one to pick the communicating medium upfront. Calling print and audio-visual old school, let’s jump to the kind of thing that’ll get you started to work for/on the web. Many free designing softwares are available on the internet, like Adobe Photoshop, Auto CAD, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Xpress etc. Pick one and learn through tutorials to get the basics in place and gain enough ease at your art that you’re able to meet your own creative demands, and then that required by your clients. It sure is a fact that graphic designing for web gives you a unique kind of self employment option which works your way, even in the busiest of times. In simple words, this can prove to be easy money for efficient professionals.

If you wish to design for print or create audio-visual messages, be prepared to climb one step at a time up this ladder. Unlike the common notion, in corporate establishments, graphic designers are paid handsomely. You can simply start as an illustrator to create multimedia or motion content or simply an image. Another possible option for you to explore can be that of a layout artist. Managing text and images across different platforms including pamphlets, brochures, book-covers etc. is what a layout artist needs to do.

Logo designing is also an interesting part of graphic designing where one has to communicate in the simplest of ways. Having adequate hands on designing experience can also land you a brand identity developing job. Higher up on the ladder you find the Creative Directors, Art Directors and Production Managers. Graphic designing in a lot of ways is a form of art with technical involvement in the recent days, essentially however requiring one to work with utmost competence. This may come to you naturally or you can learn this form of art from colleges, online tutorials or even poke around and teach yourself. Few online designing courses: Westwood College – Online Campus, AIU Online, Kaplan etc.

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