Careers in Event Management – Colleges Providing Such Course

With media studies gaining a lot of importance over the last decade event management, which is also an integral part of media studies is gaining momentum. The popularity spreads more as Bollywood movies like “Band Baaj Baraat” promote the concept of event management. Thus, event management is a form of project management which involves brand management, budgeting, planning and client satisfaction. Event management is a multi-dollar business which is spreading like wild fire.

The various types of events would include:
Professional events – Conference, Corporate parties, political parties etc.
Personal Events- Weddings, Baby showers, Birthday parties etc.

Colleges that offer degree in Event Management include :

  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication – Degrees are offered in both the UG and PG level. In the UG level it is clubbed with PR, while in the PG level it is called Media management. In the PG level, an MBA degree in offered along with event management skills and thus, together they are called Media Management. The UG course is a 3 year course, which also includes other aspects of the media like Ad and AV. The PG is a two year course. The UG and PG campuses are also different. The UG campus is located in Viman Nagar, Pune while the PG campus is in Lavale Pune. Admission to both UG and PG is on the basis of admission test followed by gd/pi. For more info visit: /
  • EMDI Institute of Media and Communication – The campus is located all across India, in all leading cities. It offers a normal diploma as well as post graduate diploma in event management. It is a one year full time programme. For more info visit:
  • National Institute of Event Management (NIEM) – This institute is Asia’s best and the World’s 5th best college for event management. The college offers diploma in event management on a part time basis for 11 months. It also offers a PG diploma in event management on a part time basis for 11 months. Lastly, it offers a combined diploma degree in advertising and event management on a full time basis for 11 months. For more info visit:
  • College of Events and Media (COEM) – This Pune based institute offers 2 years full time PG programmes in Events, Wedding management and Events and Media. It also offers a part time undergraduate and graduate diploma in wedding management, events, events and media. It also offers short term courses in Certified wedding planner and Certified event planner (both are 3 months long). For more info visit:

So as an event manager, one can work in various departments of an event management company like :

  •  Concept Visualizing department
  •  Planning Department
  •  Budgeting Department
  •  Marketing Department
  •  Organizing Department
  •  Coordinating Department
  •  Executing Department

If someone wants to specialize in a specific kind of event, then those events would include :

  •  Fashion shows
  •  Conference
  •  Wedding planning
  •  Theme parties
  •  Charity programmes
  •  Seminars and Concerts
  •  Corporate parties



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