Career in Technical Writing

How is technical writing as a career?

Technical writing is a form of writing used for fields such as computer software and hardware, chemistry, engineering and many more. Have you ever wondered about the text written in different website and information manuals? Who writes these documents? Well a person who makes clear and understandable form of various information and data in the form of a document is a technical writer. This is the simplest way to describe who a technical writer is.

Job Stability
The first thought that comes in anyone’s mind before choosing a career is job stability. For those who are wondering if technical writing is a stable career to follow; the answer is going to differ according to your definition of job stability. Job stability in a technical writing career depends on whether you work as a full-time employee or a freelancer.

Freelancing does not offer much of job stability. You can work for many different clients and write for various companies but you can never be sure where your next payment is coming from. Your work relationship with a particular client gets over as soon as you complete the task and you are not considered as one the employees. You can never be sure that you will find work with a descent payment at the time you need it most. In many ways freelancing does not offer job stability. But you enjoy a lot of work freedom.

By working as a full-time employee in technical writing department, you will have all the facilities and rights of a full-time employee of the company that you are working for. This means in many ways working for a specific company offers more of job stability to you.

After all job stability does no longer mean a consistent pay check. A stable job is better defined as an occupation that does not disappear in the future. Technical writing as a career offers a great deal of jobs as many companies and firms keep on updating their websites and they require original content of text to do so. This means if you are a technical writer you probably won’t be without a job.

There are hardly any institutions that offer a formal degree course for technical writing. This is why technical writing as a career is still unexplored even though there are some universities which have technical writing as one of the examination paper. The scope of this career is increasing in India quite fast. There are also many online technical writing courses available on the internet.

Payment conditions
A technical writer as of today can start with the salary of about Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 and reach up to 35,000 in 2-3 years. A technical writer can become the director of technical communications with 10 years of experience. This means there is a lot of scope in growth for technical writers. If you get the right chance, you can reach beyond your limits.

Who can follow technical writing:

  • A science graduate with a one-year computer diploma course
  • A diploma in English literature, journalism
  • Knowledge of software applications, DTP tools and familiarity with windows and its applications



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