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A picture tells a thousand words. Believing this and following this, many people believe that photography has come a long way till date and its future shines bright with high and better career opportunities. Today, people have learnt the use of technical knowledge and their creative minds for snapping pictures at parties or capturing various shades of life through the lens. Initially there was no definite or a proper body of knowledge as to how to use the camera and where else could photography be used efficiently. But now, there are uncountable job prospects for aspiring photographers, call it press photography, fashion photography or even nature or freelancing photography. There is no shortage of scope for people who seek a full time career in photography. In fact, freelance photography too is gaining a lot of popularity and has been one of the most popular career choices among photographers.


With the explosion and boom in communication network, the need for photographers is rising rapidly as time is passing by due to the advanced growth of advertising and media sectors, fashion boom and digital photography in the society. Photography is an essential need both in print and electronic media, and this has offered a secure and professional future and career for those people who take photography really serious and want to make a mark in their respective field. Photography requires more of technical and creative skill than any formal training or course. It does not even require a degree as such. But due to its commercialized nature today, formal education for photography is provided to impart technical skills of fashion, advertising, journalistic, portrait, and landscape photography.

Previously, photography was taken up only as a pass time or general interest of people to capture different shades through lens. Today, due to the carious job prospects offered by Media and its branches, photography is taken up as a serious career, which not only is attributed to one’s interest but also people believe that photography as a profession has a lot of scope in the coming times, without a doubt. The variety of photography jobs range from highly specialized, technical work to jobs that require creativity and also visual and technical literacy.

Many colleges offer Photography as a subject in their coursework due to its splendid growth and need in today’s world. Also there are proper training institutes to harness the knowledge of photography in an individual and prepare them for more career jobs in fashion, still, live, event, wildlife, travel, press photography. The career for photography is much brighter than what it is right now because it is one such profession which is learning, interest and experience than counting one’s earnings in peanuts or dollars.

Photographers take up photography as a profession but with a meager salary initially. Increase in advertising and media fields have led to increase in job opportunities and amateur as well as experienced photographers, who then hesitated to showcase their work and get noticed. Photography career was known to be a struggle before, but these days no one actually has second thoughts about capturing scene through the lens due to the outgrowth of photography as a profession. Photographers being in demand by many ad and media agencies are encouraging people to acquire the basic knowledge of photography and this number is increasing on a wide basis. The time is not far when this profitable hobby, Photography, will be accepted as a fully fledged profession.



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