Career as an Ethical hacker

ethical-hacker-mainIf you are an aficionado of matrix then you must have dreamed of waking up one day, somewhere in the nowhere to get face to face with Morpheus to become a key to save the world like Neo, a part time astute hacker living very normal life. This is not the reality of the world and the dream of yours, it will never come into reality but you can be a hacker obviously ethical hacker in the current world to achieve high ranks and prestige like Neo in the Matrix.

Hacking always envisioned as unethical way where people crack vital computer information through codes, and steal details and money from people, government, and big companies. Hacking is illegal way of making easy money, and it has been used as one from decades by numerous hackers across the globe. In the past few decades, a new version of hacking has been introduced in the world- Ethical Hacking, and hackers which use ethical hacking as a career are known as ethical hackers which are also known as white hat hackers. Ethical hacking has been emerged as one of the finest career options across the globe, as it protects the computer from dangerous intrusions, virus attacks, hacker attacks etc.

The world advances with every minute, and technologies advance with every second and to protect such technologies is becoming very timid job. The computer network and online world has tremendously increased and security has been the vital issue for everybody. Ethical hackers are the one who can provide a respite to everybody as they learn to protect computer networks and online world through their skills and knowledge of computers. Ethical hackers are technically skilled IT pros which have strong desire to solve computer problems and prevent malicious hackers from attacking the network and computer systems.

To solve the big issues you need to have experience of that issue, hence to stop hackers from attacking global computer system you need to have the exact idea of what that hacker is doing, hence you have the ethical hackers. Ethical hacker as a career is getting popularity in the world as it provides you great amount of respect and money along with pleasure of doing something extraordinary.

ethical-hackingTo become an ethical hacker you need to have in depth knowledge of computers, computer networks, and computer systems along with coding knowledge of C, C++ and many other languages and also have the knowledge of operating systems like Linux, Windows etc. You can also opt for various networking courses, and ethical hacking courses which can enable you to have ion depth knowledge of computers and associated things.

Although it is all related to the technical field but hacking isn’t all technical, you need to be smart, up to date with technology use to become an ethical hacker. Ethical hackers attack a security system to find out the vulnerabilities and drawbacks of the systems or networks which can be easily penetrated by the Hackers and use them for his advantage.

Once you have sufficient knowledge about hacking you can opt for ethical hacker certification, Certified Ethical Hacker is a professional certification granted by the International Council of E-commerce Consultants (EC council).

Ethical hacking has now become one of the respected jobs across the globe which can provide you respectful life and huge remunerations and that too through legal ways. Ethical hacking has been helping from decades to secure computer systems and networks across the world and to lower the cyber crimes in the world. Now-a-days many companies hire ethical hackers to safeguard their computer systems and networks from unethical hackers.



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