Cardio Boxing for Super Fitness

If you want to keep yourself fit, healthy, vigorous and strong, then cardio boxing is indeed the best way to do it. Sports scientists have agreed that Cardio Boxing is one of the best sports exercises anyone could do in order to keep your body in shape, increase your stamina level to an incredible level and also helps in keeping your mind healthy.

While Cardio Boxing the entire cardiovascular and endurance system gets exercised. This in turn helps in rejuvenating the entire nervous system which not only makes our body physically strong but also gives a sense of satisfaction and peace to our mind as the rate of blood circulation increases.

A number of benefits can be enjoyed by you if you practice Cardio Boxing on a regular basis. Some of them are:

  • Enhances your speed and stamina
  • Helps you learn better coordination techniques
  • Keeps you healthy and in shape
  • Makes you physically and mentally stronger and resilient
  • It will make your heart more healthy and strong

Apart from these benefits you will also learn some useful boxing techniques and skills which will build muscle strength, fortitude, high alertness, coordination and balance.It also stimulates overall well-being by instilling poise and self-control.

In order to achieve these benefits you must do cardio boxing regularly. To start with, you can do 10 minutes beginner training with 20 minutes skilled work out at later stage when you have practiced enough to perform skilful cardio boxing. This can be followed by another 20 minutes sequence of actual boxing techniques. A useful tip to increase your speed and endurance is to punch straight left and right punch into the heavy bag. But while following this, keep in mind the duration for which you work out and rest. Make it a point to rest as much as you exercise i.e., if you work out for 10 minutes, take 10 minutes break.

But to follow this routine you must know how to exercise in first place. Firstly, you must measure your heart rate to determine if you have reached your desired target. To find your heart rate, place your index and middle finger on your wrist artery, count the pulse for 15 seconds and then multiply it by 4. Count your pulse rate immediately after working out. Ideal way to compare and see if your heart rate is proper is to subtract your age from 220. The remainder would denote your maximum heart rate. To achieve optimum advantage from this kind of workout, try targeting and attaining 50% of your maximum heart rate followed by 60% and later up to 70%.

Learn the cardio boxing techniques, learn how to punch, defend and simultaneously exercise for accomplishing effective outputs. Make sure you rotate your body while punching to exercise your body. Over time, you would find yourself as an experienced person in cardio-boxing and will see that now you have the power to self-defence and balance. Not only this, it also promotes better flexibility, stability, mobility and most important of all security.

Looking at the large number of pros, it is quite evident that we should inculcate cardio boxing in our daily routine to enjoy all the health benefits, both physically and mentally.



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