Cardio and Aerobics for weight loss

Worried about the extra kilos that slowly get accumulated in the corners of your plump body. Worried that dress will not fit which you were dying to wear for months. Tensed that the girl will not reciprocate to your feelings due to your paunch? Don’t worry. With the advancement of science and technology, exercises like cardio and aerobics have come for the purpose of weight loss.

By cardio we mean certain machines that have been developed to make the heart stronger and help you lose weight in the process. The only problem that people face is that they don’t know the amount of power they should set their machines at. It is a natural tendency to overdo things which is bad. One does not have to run a marathon to reduce.  The goodness about cardio is that one does not have to cut down on calorie intake as the calorie burning and also weight loss is taking place simultaneously.

There is no such thing as best cardio exercise. Whichever suits one the best should be done. Ideally it is best if one could engage both upper body and lower body together. The impact is better. Also, cardio should be done daily for 60 minutes. If you are a beginner, then try out exercises with intensity of your choice and as weeks pass, increase the intensity. It is also necessary to be consistent with the cardio exercise and should also restrict the calorie intake. Also, weight loss strictly depends on the fat percentage of the body and weight, the rate of metabolism power in accordance to the age of the person etc.

Not everyone is open with the idea of cardio and not all gyms are equipped with cardio machines. Thus, by doing aerobics, one can also lose weight. Thus, by aerobics we mean working out of the body muscles in a rhythmic fashion.

So if the diet is controlled properly and one engages in constant aerobics, one surely set to shed all the extra pounds and kilos. An example of this would be half an hour of slow paced jogging. This will help one shed 300 calories. On the contrary, if one eats fatty food, it will surely yield double the calorie that was lost.

For people who are unable to hit the gym, the best solution for them is to put on some good music and dance around the whole house and clean it in this process. Also, we do get CDs where our favorite celebrities are shown performing aerobics. We can follow that as well as a daily regime.

For people who hit the gym daily, they have a variety of options it shed that extra kilo. Treadmills, cycle, cross trainers are excellent for the muscles and work wonders. Also, various stretching exercises also help. Certain dance form likes Zumba also work wonders. And lastly, if you are a swimmer, a daily swimming regime works magic to help you get that toned curvy body.



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