Bridges – Structural Wonders

Richness of any country can be seen through architectural and structural marvels of that country. When talking bout the marvels only one thing pops out in the mind is the Bridge. The main aims while building a bridge is to connect two regions or countries together. As always said bridge makes distance smaller between things. The bridges are used to develop relations,trades and commerce  between regions,states or nations.

Some of the marvelous engineering breathtaking architectures

1.The Forth Bridge, Scotland

Spread over the Firth of Forth this is the cantilever railway bridge in the west Scotland. The construction of the bridge started in the year 1883 which cost 63 lives and took seven years to complete it. The specialty of the bridge is that it required 10 times steel that of the Eiffel tower.  With the length of 2528.7 meters the bridge has the 2 spans of 521.3 meters; which is the longest single cantilever bridge span in the world.


2.Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

This is the most photographed bridge in the world. It has been recognized as one the wonders of the modern era has the longest span of 1280 meters with the total length of 2737 meters. The construction of the bridge was started in the year 1933 and the bridge was completely constructed in the year of 1937. The bridge was developed in the 1937 and was the longest bridge at that time.

3.The Millau viaduct, France

Spread over the river Tarn in southern France  this is the cable-stayed bridge which has total 8 span out of which six are 340 meters each and other two are about 204 meters. Due to its marvelous engineering the bridge received an Outstanding Structure Award. The bridge was open in the year 2004 and has the total length of 2460 m.


4.Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England

This is no ordinary bridge built for vehicles; but it is only a pedestrian and cyclist bridge spanning over the river Tyne in England. Fascinating fact bout this bridge is the it can be tilted up like an eyelid to allow traffic through river hence the bridge is also known as Eyelid Bridge. The bridge is only 126 m long with a span of 106 meters.

5.Nanpu Bridge,Shanghai (China)

This is the gem of the bridges because of its weird construction as a spiral model of lines. The idea of a spiral bridge came up due to the land accommodation problem in the china. The bridge has the length of 760 meters and crosses the Huangpu river with the longest span of 423 meters. With the spiral structure bridge has 5 extensions, one of which goes over the river.


6.Hangzhou Bay Bridge, China

With four years of construction time the bridge has a total length of 35.673 Km with the longest span of 448 meters which spread on the bay of Hangzhou and connect the municipalities of Jiaxing and Ningbo in Zhejiang province. The main thing bout this bridge is that it took nearly 10 years to complete the design. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest ocean-crossing bridge in the world.


7.Oresund Bridge (Oresund Strait, Denmark and Sweden)

The bridge connects two countries Sweden and Denmark over the international border. The important thing about the path connecting the two countries is that part of it is the Oresund Bridge and at the end of the bridge it becomes an underwater tunnel. This outstanding construction miracle was designed to avoid the interference with the air traffic of the Copenhagen Airport. The Bridge expands to the length of 7845 meters with longest span length of 490 meters.


Apart from these seven structural wonders we have lots of other bridges also which show the constructional phenomenon. Some of are, as below.

  • Hangzhou Bay Bridge,China
  • Seven Mile Bridge,U.S.A.
  • Khabarovsk Bridge,Russia
  • Boyne River Bridge,Ireland
  • General Rafael Urdaneta Bridge,Venezuela
  • New Little Belt Bridge,Denmark
  • Nelson Mandela Bridge,South Africa
  • Donghai Bridge,China
  • Mỹ Thuận Bridge,Vietnam
  • Puente Nuevo, Spain
  • The Lewiston-Queenston Bridge,U.S.A.










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