BlueStacks brings 400,000 android apps to Windows 8

Bluestacks announced at the CES that the Android app player is applicable to Windows 8. Bluestacks app player was previously released, runs Android mobile apps originally on Windows 7 PCs and Tablets. The upcoming Windows 8 which will be release later this year also would also support metro UI. Windows 8 is the first Operating system by Microsoft which was built with mobility in mind. With Bluestacks app player now the users can install more than 400,000 Android apps on windows based tablets and windows 8 PCs. This has made the development of new apps for Windows 8 unnecessary as there are numerous apps available on Android which can run on Windows 8. Bluestacks demonstrated the Technology on a windows 8 Ultrabook at CES with the reporters.

Bluestacks is also working with other PC manufacturers to pre-install its app player on Ultrabooks, tablets and PCs. The new version of Bluestacks is also going to be release in February and pre installed on the Windows 8. Rosen Sharma the CEO of Bluestacks, was quite confident about the impact and the success that the software is going to have. She also mentioned that the first thing that Windows 8 is missing is apps and Bluestacks is going to provide it with more than 400,000 android apps. Windows 8 works with the Metro interface. This has created an environment that makes the Android apps available look and feel like the Metro apps.

As Demonstrated at the CES, Windows 8 version of Bluestacks works very smoothly as the Windows 7 version. Bluestacks uses Amazon Marketplace as it Android market, and the apps downloaded from there, had a Metro side of Windows8 instantly. All in all BlueStacks is a useful and very impressive tool.



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