Blackheads-A terrible misery??

‘Blackheads’ is one of those rare problems that get unnoticed towards their initiation but undoubtedly call for an intense hatred and frustration towards the later stages. Blackheads are essentially an upshot of coagulated oil mass that consolidate in the pores of skin which subsequently clog with sebum. Now, these when exposed to air tend to undergo the oxidation effect turning them black. Furthermore, the problem gets worsened if pimples happen by virtue of infection diffusing in oil glands.

Now, one would obviously wonder as to how this problem must be cured. So, laid here are the best ways to remove them and get rid of this misery tagged ‘Blackheads’.

First and foremost, it must be kept in mind that cleansing is a must on the path of getting exonerated of blackheads. Washing your face at least 4-5 times a day should be a habit. But, it must be made sure that soap isn’t used for more than two times.

Sunbathing is extremely useful when it comes to blackheads. The simple reason for this is the skin peeling factor that comes complemented with the UV rays.

Getting to the home remedies, boiling oatmeal in some water followed by cooling it and adding limejuice to it. This fine mixture must be applied to the entire face.

Another simple method is application of warm honey on blackheads and subsequently washing it post 10-15 minutes.

1 tsp of fresh coriander juice in ½ tsp of turmeric powder mixed together and applied overnight is also of great help. This technique imbibed for a week definitely showcases effective results.

Grated potatoes, if applied on troubled areas, undoubtedly exhibit great effects.

Also, overnight treatments work way more efficiently; 1 tsp of lime juice and cinnamon powder each mixed well, if applied through the night and washed off on waking up reflect good results.

Next, a proportionate lotion made out of glycerine, almond oil and lemon juice is an implausible way of removing not just blackheads, but also the facial spots.

Going by the famous adage, “Prevention is better than cure”, we would now look upon some prevention methods that would help in refraining from even its occurrence.

You should particularly use a mild cleanser twice a day.

Avoid using a rough scour pad or an astringent.

Drinking incredible amounts of water will help your body rejuvenate, courtesy removal of toxins.

Preferably, use an antibacterial soaps. For instance, Neem soap is highly recommendable.

Pillows are the fastest means of communicating an infection. So, changing pillowcases should be an everyday activity.

Watch out for the most affected or potential blackhead attacking places, and be sure of cleansing them on a regular basis. One common trigger place is the nose and is usually the most affected.

Furthermore, you must minimise your levels of make-up and its frequency. In case your profession demands, take proper precautions before you go ahead with it.

A gentle exfoliating cream too helps to shift off the old cells.

Lastly, but most importantly, avoid stress as far as possible, for the simple reason being the root cause of activation of oil glands that open a way for the pores to be clogged. Take Care!



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